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March 01 2005

New show for Sean Maher. From the Futon Critic development update for March 1st.

The show's title is "Halley's Comet". (My first link! If I've screwed this up, please let me know.)

Another doctor...

Welcome, Anne! Looks fine to me... although you should put a period after 'Maher'...
Okay, nevermind...
Sorry, adam_tvs. Got in there first with the period edit. But thanks for the reminder. :)

Anway, congrats on your first link, Anne13. Funny that not only has Sean been cast as a hospital chief resident, but his character has a "secret crush" on the lead female role. Maybe the casting director is a Firefly flan.
Unless the link was changed, I think you mean The Futon Critic rather than Zap2It.

Also this page has news Tim Minear's new series, The Inside, basically saying that Craig Silverstein just inked a deal with Twentieth Century Fox, and he will be a co-executive producer on the series.
Have they announced a premiere date yet?
Anyone else notice that in the past few weeks it seems all the Firefly cast is getting pilot, compared to the actors from the otheer verse shows.
RavenU - Maybe the visibility of Serenity has helped that? Few of the others went onto any movies (that any had kind of high profile to the general public) after those series - where is Alexis Denisof, Alyson Hannigan (I know, bit part on a series that may or may not get renewed but she is worth bigger than that), James Marsters (one bit part on The Mountain and one movie that keeps getting rescheduled on some channel I forget the name of) and so on? And don't forget that for the 97% of the planet who aren't in the US, that means they are invisible!

I do want to see what Nathan Fillion moves onto - the presence that guy has could go anywhere! He needs something BIG and visible!
Thanks for the heads-up, Invisible Green; I've fixed it now.

Re the different casts getting new jobs, maybe the fact that Firefly wasn't on long enough for anyone to get typecast as much, except maybe Sean Maher ;-), means that they are considered more flexible in terms of what parts they could play. If Serenity ends up being a big hit (fingers crossed!), that might change so it's a good thing they're able to get some different roles in before.
mmmm....Sean Maher back on tv.....
Anne13 - hadn't thought that Firefly's short run had any redeeming features but you may well be right! I mean, how many parts are there for a bumbling pompous fool who became a wise, fierce but amoral warrior, a hesitant nerd without purpose who became the most powerful witch on the planet (and let's not even mention a peroxided ensouled vampire!) - definitely limited casting calls for those if they are the only parts that Casting can visualize them in!
A medical drama? On The WB? Eh...Maybe I'll check it out for Sean Maher. Maybe. Glad to see him finding work, but...I hope Serenity and Living 'til the End (which I really wanna see and have heard is very good, though it's only played at an indie filmfest or two so far) jumpstart the guy's movie career, he deserves one.

Gina Torres as a soccer mom. That I gotta see, even if only once for a laugh.
I'm just excited to see Sean Maher on anything.

Oh, and in terms of Fillion: He should come back to Llanview for a few episodes. I could use a little Joey Buchanan again. Then he can do something big and awesome.
ShadowKatie - pardon my ignorance but what is Llanview?
Oh no...not One Life to Live (Llanview is the town the daytime soap is set in catalyst2). I'd actually have to watch it again. Very fun to have seen how far he's come, I remember him as Joey Buchanan quite clearly, but I couldn't stomach a daytime soap anymore.
Since it was linked in an earlier thread that NF had signed on to do a horror movie called 'Slither' I guess that is one place where he will be seen after Serenity premieres.
For some of the actors it is not so much typecasting as genrecasting that seems to be the problem ie. well known faces for the sci-fi/horror community seems to pop up in mostly sci-fi/horror films, what a surprise.
Unless they continue to do TV of course, more of a variety of opportunities there but the Hollywood dream still seems to be the big pictures.

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