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March 02 2005

New con with guest stars Nathan Fillion, Adam Baldwin, and Jonathan Woodward scheduled for July 8-10, 2005 in Sacramento, CA. Tickets go on sale March 2nd. More guests to be announced. Lordy, just those 3 fellas are tempting enough as it is. I wonder if NF and AB will have a Serenity trailer to show by then?

Woo-hoo! A con right here in my own damn town. Go Arnold - he seems to be luring the celebrities up here lately.

I will definitely be there, though to what extent I do not know. If I horde some money, maybe I can pull off a Weekend Pass and a NF Photo Op. Or I'll just lurk outside the hotel for hours, hoping to catch him as he leaves. We'll see.
So is it a Whedonverse-specific con? It looks like it from the guest list and logos they used, but to me it doesn't sound like it focuses on Whedon's franchises every year.

Very hot guest list, looks like there'll be more to come. Will there be drunken slow dancing, communion, and dry humping like at that one British con last year?
Kris - We can hope.
Holy cow, this is the closest con to my hometown ever! Which means that this may be my first con ever! I am so excited!
ShadowKatie - I am going to my first in Melbourne, VIC on July 2-3 so I can relate to your excitement too! Good feeling huh?
Question becomes - why pay 200+ dollars to see a few guest when the following week is SDCC that will have 10-15 related Whedonverse guest, not to mention the entire Serenity Cast with Joss. More than likely, like last year, for a $50 cost. Yeah a lot more people will be there but that's the point of why the cost is not so much.

Not to mention the number of verse related events happening that month (one every weekend if you count SDCC - except for the holiday weekend) in California that already have been selling tickets. This may be a bit late in the game for them to start now and expect a descent turn out - they would have been better off to hold off till Sept or Oct. Not to mention there are at least 2 cons this month in LA that will have Nathan and Adam in attendance.

They might have stood a chance if they had the convention in the mid-west or East Coast but I think they will suffer on the West Coast.

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Well, this is pretty much the going rate for the smaller cons and if you want to deal with fewer people, this is an option. I've never been to the San Diego Comic con, but I have been to others that seem similar. They have something to offer as do the smaller cons -- it depends on what kind of experience you're looking for and the guests you want to see.

It looks like it will be more Whedonverse people (and beyond...), which is good. Travel in the summer is preferable for a lot of people, too. Plus, I'm not on the west coast now for the 2 cons this month in LA.

I met Nathan Fillion briefly a couple of times (totally unexpected). Once while he was on the east coast (back during his soap opera star days) and once last year in London. He is so charming and nice! I'm sure he will be fantastic.
I would love to go to this one, but I can not. All my money that month will be going to Comic Con.......sigh!!!
The 10 guest I was refering to would be in the signing area like last year, they do not do panels they are only there to sign autos for the 3 days. Even though you may think of them as apples and oranges they are more like oranges and grapefruits. One is bigger and cheaper than the other, also cons that are verse only are not selling well this year across the board at least in the US, to bring another one on at this late stage will impact ticket sales, they would have been better to schedule this convention for Sept or Oct. This maybe the end of the verse only cons this year, also they have to realize that not even the die hards can keep up with this level of events at these prices, they need to get new blood in the seats and at the current price rate that is not going to happen. I for one have to skip this event, cause at this time I'm already going to California at least twice that month.
Well, this shouldn't be, but I suppose it is, a zero-sum game. Meaning too many events may affect the viability of such conventions in general. But I can't begrudge a different city, for a change, getting to join in the excitement. And if it doesn't pay off, I guess there'll be retrenchment and we'll go back to just the biggest and loudest cons happening.

Personally, I wouldn't want ComicCon to be the first such convention I attended. It is cheap, that's true. It is also insanity. Even with that, I enjoyed seeing Amber, SMG's panel, and the Serenity crew. But I think that the Sactown and environs folks should have their moment of fun. Not everyone can dart around the country for such things.

BTW, you Sacramento dwellers, just how hot does it get there in July?
Unless I go to WizardWorld in Long Beach (it's WizardWorld right?)later this month, this would be my first con. Having heard quite a bit about the San Diego con, I don't know that I'd want my first experience to be at one that big. It would be a bit intimidating to me - I feel like a smaller one would be a nice way to start.

And SNT, there's no doubt it'll be hot...anywhere from 90 to about 103 - but that's what air conditioning is for. It really doesn't hit the 100s until late in the afternoon, if it does at all. The summer evenings are fantastic.
I went to Slayercon in Oakland last year and had so much fun I'm going to the con in Houston at the end of this month. I'd love to go to this one too but the prices make Vulkon look like a bargain. I didn't see it mentioned - did they say what the maximum number of attendees would be?
This is awesome. It is literally 15 minutes from my house. I am so there!

As for the whether, it can be anywhere from the high 80's all the way 100+. Bring swimming trunks if you are coming. Also there are some pretty fun things to do here. Old Sacramento is fun to visit. Also, if you are a sports fan I would suggest a Rivercats game. Not sure if they are home for those dates though. Also, you are an hour and a half from San Francisco.

I was very disapointed at not being able to attend Pasadena next month. This certainly makes up for it.
There was no mention of the maximum number of attendees -- not all cons give a number. In any case, since the Oakland con was a Super Slayer Con, I would say that attendance would be a lot less than that one (I think Oakland was well over 1000, Houston is much smaller). Most of the cons these days seem to be in the same price range as this new convention. Anyway, it all boils down to timing, guests and what kind of experience you are looking for. It's nice to have some choices out there.

Has anyone met Adam Baldwin? I really want to meet him. I just happened to see an episode of Stargate SG-1 the other night and was surprised to see him in it. He's got a rather impressive list of credits. He's been in the acting game a long time.
Okay, got my ticket. How many Whedonverse fans are in Northern California. I thought I was alone until I read this thread.

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I thought I was the only Sac area member as well, munn75. Which ticket did you purchase, if I may ask?
I counted 3 cowtown folks just in this thread, plus there must be dozens (hundreds? thousands?) in the Bay Area. How many people went to the Oakland Con last year? And, since I'm asking questions, what ever happened to our dear erstwhile member randygiles of Berkeley?

90-100 degree heat, hmm? Well, so long as there are refreshing pools or other bodies of water to dip in, I suppose that isn't too bad . . . what price a hot tub with one of the invited guests?
I've wondered where randygiles went too.

A hot tub with NF....I'm downright certain I couldn't afford that. So not fair.
I got the Pretty pass. I want to try to get up close to the front for pictures.

I went to Oakland and had a great time. It was a bit tiresome driving back and fourth but I had a lot of fun.

All the Sac people should gather for the Serenity movie premiere. That would be fun. I can't wait to see the trailer.
Well I don't know how mant they are expecting but I know this much about the con if Adam Baldwin is there - they must be expecting at least 1,000 - cause he has told other promoters in the past that he does not do a con unless they are expecting at least a 1,000 in attendance. Of course with Nathan there he may change his mind. However, just recently he turned down at least 3 cons where the attendance was expected to be 500-800 people.
So who is organizing this event??
A new company run by some fans.
This is what it says in the "About Us" section on the website: "Alternate Universe Presents, LLC is an event planning limited liability company committed to bringing both guests and attendees a fun-filled professionally run event.

We're a trio that has a combined experience of 20 years in the entertainment industry, 9 years in fandom, and 7 years experience working behind the scenes at conventions, planning events and charity auctions.

We believe that every fan is important and as fans ourselves, we will endeavor to make your experience with us a memorable one. "
Between this show and the Booster Bash, July is going to be an awesome month for Whedon fans. There goes all my money :)
There is a special announcement coming from at 12:00 midnight tonight EST.

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