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March 02 2005

Creation Entertainment's GRAND SLAM XIII: THE SCI-FI SUMMIT. With the lovely Nathan Fillion and Adam Baldwin, Zoic folks and some other alumni hitting up Pasadena 11-13 March 2005.

Join with fellow Firefly fans: mix and mingle with guests NATHAN FILLION and ADAM BALDWIN. Featuring stuffed mushrooms, chicken skewers, seafood cakes, vegetable platters with dips, well cocktails, house wines, draft beers all included

How could you miss this treat - an intimate dinner with Nathan and Adam for only $65 - and probably 50 others (strangers, sure, but Firefly flans all).

ETA: Nick Stahl from Carnivale will also be there!

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So will Brian Thompson and Brigid Brannagh.

However, the following week you have Nathan and Adam at Wizard World in Long Beach along with Joss and Summer, perhaps potentially more cast members. For $25 and get a good seat or $25 dollars at the GS and sit at the back of the room. Plus I don't know, but I think you have to purchase at least a one day reserved seat to be eligible to purchase the happy hour ticket which is $55 for Saturday. Just somethings to concider.
Actually you don't have to attend the convention at all to go to the happy hour. I will be there (yipee!) AND I will also be at Wizard World the following weekend. Getting my fill while I can.

ETA: Nick Stahl from Carnivale will also be there!

I am so excited about this too, since I love Carnivale, and have my fingers crossed that this won't conflict with the Firefly reception.
Ecch, I hate to diss the Firefly peeps, but I've had enough of Creation and their way of running conventions (the fact that it'll cost $70.00 for a photo with first-time convention guest Jolene Blalock is absolutely greedy!).

RavenU's got a point... Wizard Wizard is the following week. :)

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