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"And that's way beyond chaos, mate."
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January 05 2003

Whedon and the 'Wesleyan Mafia' How did a small, liberal arts school in New England become a player in a cutthroat industry that operates thousands of miles away?

Just wanted to thank you for a great post. The fact that Whedon majored in "feminism and gender studies in film" makes me laugh with delight. Kudos!
Thanks, wren, I appreciate the note! Of course I was a weensy bit nervous, it being my 'first time out' and all.

I actually found the thing the day it was published on the web and waited a couple days for it to show up here. When it didn't, I decided to take the plunge and join, only to find I had a 2-day posting moratorium as a new member. I was sure I was going to be scooped!

Yes, my life is sad and dull.

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