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March 02 2005

Probably the best Whedonverse sweepstakes ever. The good folk at Hellmouth Central have really pushed the boat out with this one. One lucky winner will get all the Buffy, Angel and Firefly DVDs, the two Buffy X-Box games and a X-Box too and for good measure a portable DVD player as well.

And it's open to fans worldwide.

Crap. I already have all that stuff. Like any good disicple of Joss should.
Hmm, I'll enter the contest and if I win I'll donate everything to the Whedonverse Multimedia Project. I already own the DVDs and I don't have an X-Box so I wouldn't use the games anyway.
their giving away an x-box killinj............
I think you win an X-box as well as the games, killinj. They're actually why I'm entering the contest. The rest I'd give away too. Well, maybe not the portable DVD player . . .
it's worth entering just for the message you get when you press "submit" : )
Excellent!! I already own all that stuff, but I entered anyway. If I win, I'll probably make one of my Whedon deprived family members very happy.
Ah well, part of the reason I don't own an X-Box is because I don't want one. However, it would make an excellent donation to a youth shelter.

[ edited by killinj on 2005-03-02 22:33 ]
Hmm. To win and be generous, or to win and be greedy and horde everything as backups? Decisions, decisions.

Well aside from the "winning" part. I'm pretty much in full support of the beauty that is "winning" and "me".
Jeepers. Thanks for the heads-up.
Quite a prize there. I entered, and would keep the Xbox and the first Buffy game, fill in the few holes in my best friend's Buffy DVD collection, and donate the rest.
i would love to get the xbox and the first buffy game. thats the only system its on. as for the second buffy game, i have that on gamecube :) i would definately give away the buffy dvds since i already have those.
It's not that I'm a poor disciple of Whedon. I'm just poor. So except for the recent aquisition of Firefly, I don't have any of the DVDs. I have most of Buffy and some of Angel on old VHS, but the quality is deteriorating from overuse. Some of the tapes refuse to play anymore. And XBox? That's for rich people. So for me this would be a near life changing prize.
I would keep the X-box and games, give my younger sister all the DVD's. She has a few VCR tapes of the Episodes. I think thats very sad.
Well, in that case I hereby announce that if I win I will donate my DVDs to ZachsMind. Can't imagine a more deserving and worthwhile candidate. Plus, the enhanced quality of the discs might make him start to agree with me more often . . . :)
Yeah, I'd keep the DVD player and donate everything else. Already have multiple sets, and like killinj, the reason I don't have an X-box is because I don't want one.

Just read ZachsMind's I'll edit this to say if I win, he gets all the DVDs.
I don't have an xbox or the games but i really want them! It was just a few days ago when I decided I need them! So obviously this is a sign that I'm going to win. I have everything else.

[ edited by charisma on 2005-03-02 23:47 ]
I have everything they are giving away except for the dvd player but I'm sure I can find someone who would want them (like my 18 year old daughter who is already asking if she can have my Angel dvds when she moves out in a couple of years!).

Did anyone check out their "news" section that pokes a wee bit of fun at


Very cute (and a lot of work).
Well, ZachsMind gets all but the two seasons my friend needs (she happened to call me right after I entered, and already knows about it), should I win as well. So ZM - you've certainly got multiple chances here.
but....i already have it all? *~*sighs*~*
Wow, so generous! And very tempting. I'm missing AtS 4 and 5 on DVD and BtVS 3, 4 and 6 (like Zach'sMind, my collection is complete on VHS -- in duplicate). I've been rewatching Firefly with a friend (now a convert, I'm happy to say) the past few weekends; she bought a copy way back but hadn't even opened it up yet. Silly girl. Luckily I've got my own, already-much-watched copy at home.

I've never wanted an Xbox, maybe because I have actually never even played a TV video game (okay, Pong when it first came out) and don't have much interest in them, so I don't they wouldn't do me very much good. If I won, I think I'd give the games and Xbox to this same friend's autistic son, and donate any DVDs left over from filling in my collection to my local public library. They could use all the Whedon they can get.
Well I can tell you that I got my Xbox only for the Buffy game (my kids have since laid claim), and there is nothing so satisfying after a bad day, than to come home and stake some vamps. Heh.
Just entered and then had a thought - if I win, I hope the DVD's are R4! Won a competition a few years ago that was 'worldwide' for a DVD for my children and they sent me an R2 DVD and then refused to replace it. My DVD player is too basic to make it region-free.

Don't forget that the X-box can play DVD's too though (for a few extra bucks). I have been known to put the X-box and the DVD player next to each other (with their associated TV's) and watch two BtVS episodes simulaneously! Try it with WTTH and Chosen!
Well, if you do win it catalyst, they're throwing in a portable DVD player as well, so the region issue shouldn't be an issue at all.
jewel - never even saw that! Now that is really cool!
It really is, isn't it? :^)
Nobody's gonna give me their XBox and the Buffy games if they win? *sob*

Seriously, I would feel embarrassed if whoever does win (if it's not me) gave the DVDs to me as kind charity. I'm sure there's others more deserving. Giving to a library would help more people than just one. Of course since I'm a selfish bastard I won't donate my win to anyone but myself, but if someone else wins please don't donate to me. There's ...far better things they can do. Far better places they can go to. *smirk*
I could really use a new DVD player..
ZachsMind, you're such a devoted fan! You should own these DVDs, and if money is the question then why shouldn't we give you the DVDs? If I win, you can have all my Buffy's and the Angels I already have. I'll keep the rest. Although I'm sure Xboxes are completely addicting, and my husband is trying to write a philosphy dissertation. Hmmm..on second though, maybe I'll donate the Xbox.
Simon, thanks for the link to this site. It's got some amazing stuff. The parody is great -thanks Firefly Flan. But the Mythos Timeline is even better. This person apparently picked every single time reference to pre-Welcome to the Hellmouth, however vague, out of every episode of both shows and made a timeline out of it.

[ edited by dreamlogic on 2005-03-03 12:31 ]
This is an awesome site that I've never ran across before. Thanks for finding it, Simon.

And Firefly Flanatic, thanks for pointing out the buffy.fu link. That had me laughing to tears :)
I agree that it's a great site and thanks to Simon for finding it! I was also checking out the mythos section and was really impressed. I haven't explored it all yet but definitely added it to my favorites!
I signed up for the free Xbox, Buffy game #1 and the portable DVD player. I just purchased a new TV for my bedroom and moved the old one to the kids' room. They need a DVD player in there and an Xbox is too expensive to purchase for only one game. Everything else I want to play I can get for my PS2.

ZachsMind: I wasn't going to offer to be as generous as everyone else; I'd donate my old copies and keep the new ones!

Though I've been considering putting my VHS episodes on DVDů
ZachsMind, I'll give you one of my Buffy Chaos Bleeds game now. I strongly dislike it. The game is cool, but I'm no fan of the driver and it's nowhere as beautiful as the other one.

Still, I'm going to enter the contest. Oh yes. You bet.

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