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March 03 2005

AICN feature on Nick Brendon's new movie "The Unholy". There's a lot of info about the movie from the creators and a link to some cool but somewhat gruesome production stills as well.

Hmmm, looks like it could become a hit or a miss. The author and producer appears to me as two people who are creative. Creative enough to make it a hit.
Daryl: I love action thrillers with the Hitchcock style suspense. Seeing the knife pressed to the throat is more exciting than the knife cutting the throat…

Nick: You gave it a girl's name. How very serial killer of you.

Sheldrake: …seeing the bomb ticking, yeah – the Truffaut / Hitchcock book.

Nick: I like the quiet.
yeah this looks like a good movie to me. hopefully it will be. Nice gory effects as well.
I think this will be an excellent film for Nick. Everything I've read about this film sounds interesting indeed. Not your average run-of-the-mill horror flick, but along the same lines as the 'The Sixth Sense'. Looking forward to watching it.
Thanks, Simon, for the link. It's always great to see new pictures of Nick.
"Sam: Let me tell you—ok, I had NO friends in high school, so I had my Tuesday nights free! When I was a kid, Buffy and her crew WERE my friends, I became obsessed, my mom became obsessed Buffy…and I think I told Daryl I wanted Nicholas Brendon almost from the beginning, and he said, the guy from Buffy? There’s no way we’ll get that…and…I dunno…did I cry when you called me and told me Xander wanted to do it?
Daryl: You were crying inside.
Sam: I cried, I called my mom, she started crying…

Okay, that won me over. If I could ever complete a script for independent filmmaking, odds are Nick Brendon would be on my wishlist for some character in the cast. So I understand what this guy felt like when he hoped beyond hope of getting Brendon to play the part. I'd probably take a moment alone and cry like a baby too if Xander wanted to do it. Or better: I'd get real drunk that night and dance a jig to live celtic music.

On the surface it doesn't seem like I'd like this film because the subject matter is kinda "eh," but because I empathize with this writer, I wanna give it the benefit of the doubt. Soon as it's out in my area I'll give it a shot. Besides, hell, Adrienne Barbeau has been in some great films and she's been in some clunkers over the years, but she's always looked great no matter what. I mean you can't blame Barbeau for Swamp Thing. She did the best she could with what she was given.

Can't go wrong with this casting. You just can't.

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