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March 03 2005

Short blurb about 'Point Pleasant' from the Onion. Gives a brief plot synopsis and infers the predicted (non) future of the show.

You just have to scroll down a little way - it's the second show reviewed in this feature.
Am i the only one who likes this show? sure, its not the best show ever (like Buffy :) but it is interesting to me and i hope it doesnt get cancelled yet (although we all know it will).
We recently had a massive thread in which just about everybody here declared they rather save Veronica Mars, norman, so yes, maybe you are the only one who likes the show.
Norman, you're not alone.
I like the show too.
I like it as well. I haven't seen Veronica Mars yet though, so I don't know which I'd choose to save...
Well, on the massive thread that Caroline is referring to, I'd say that 98% of the posts didn't like the show. I really, really tried to like it, watched most of the episodes that aired but there wasn't much there to keep my attention. Doesn't mean I wouldn't tune in for another Marti Noxon show, just means that this one didn't work for me.

I'm curious to know if it's been cancelled. I haven't seen it listed for the last couple of weeks.
Firefly Flanatic, I agree. I am not in love with the show, yet I'm still tuning in. I, too, was wondering where it was last night.
For anyone who's interested (not many, I would imagine) the show is back on 10 March.
"Point Pleasant lacks strong personalities that would lend meaning or urgency to the maelstrom of cut-rate digital spooks threatening lives every week."

Regretfully, I must agree that this passage from the Onion pretty much sums up my response to the show so far. I really would like to like it, because I am not among those who blame Marti for B6 and/or 7. I love B6, and B7 is OK with me too. The problems with Pt.Pl. seem largely related to casting and direction...and I guess both of those can be connected ultimately to the Exec. Producer.
I don't know, I find Grant Show to be a powerful and interestong personality, but I think he's largely lost or ignored. And don't get me started on poor Adam Busch, standing in the corner handing out pencils and being a nice little "yes" man. . .

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