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March 03 2005

(SPOILER) Amber Benson's 'Chance' reviewed by Acid Logic. Not very spoiler-y at all, but this serves as fair warning for anyone not wanting to know anything about the film. They give it a GREAT review.

It definately makes me interested to see it. Only problem i didnt like in the review is the mention of SMG and Scooby Doo. i for one am tired of hearing how bad these movies were and how stupid it was for her to do them. They were made for kids, all the kids i know liked both movies a lot. thats all that matters i think. anyway, cant wait to see this movie.
Great review. Is it for sale now? (Since it's being reviewed?) This is a nice film to pick up since Marsters/Benson (who have great chemistry) and Hallett are all in it. Also, apparently Joss writes a song (If I'm not mistaken) and Caulfield would have been in it, if unforseen circumstances hadn't kept her from it.

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Great review for a great FILM!!! The wonderful David Fury is also in this film.
I saw this film and it is definitly 'quirky'. I loved it though. It is hard though not to think of Spike and Tara when you see it, but James and Amber did an outstanding job...of just being so's cute. I think it's worth the price, although when I got it I thought it was high. I don't know what it costs now. Maybe Amazon will stock it if it gets mass produced.
I also hope that James and Amber work together again, even on another 'indie' film.
Yes, Fury! How could I forget!
I really want to see this movie! Can you only get it on Amazon?
twiggy, the last I heard, 'Chance' is not yet available in the USA in NTSC format. It is available overseas in the PAL format. You can read about at this post. Also, Amber's site last updated on February 24, 2005 is still showing it available on VHS tape, again in the PAL format, if you donate $20.00.

I didn't realize Dave Fury was in this film. Really need to get this film. Does anyone know if it's available in DVD? I've a player that plays any format or region so that doesn't matter.
Go to eBay and type in 'Chance Benson' in the search field. Interesting.
Does anyone know if it's available in DVD?
You can order the DVD from the UK (it says PAL format on the site) at

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I bought the film (or rather I bought a signed photo of Amber and got the film *free*) out of curiosity and because I'm a bit of a completist but having seen it once I fell in love with it. It's quirky,left field and lovely . James and Amber shine as does Andy Hallet. And the sountrack is lyrical and occasionaly very rude, which is a bit of a problem because it's also very catchy and it can be awkward to find yourself in the office singing " And you are tired, of being out of luck, tired of wine and dine when all you want is a good hard....."

ahem... and on that note I think I'll treat myself to a break and go watch it again.
Thank you, Ruadh :)
I've seen Chance twice now (thanks to my good friend who brought over her copy to my place on a BtVS marathon night). It was even better on the second viewing. James, Andy & Amber are brilliant with little snippets of Jeff Ricketts and Christina Estabrook (sp?)

I didn't notice David Fury -duh- so I guess I'll have to watch it again. Unusual and quirky it was very enjoyable and I loved the songs and the singer Grant Somebody - he even pops up briefly in 'To Shanshu in LA'. I'd reccommend it to any fan of the verse.
I bought this a couple of years ago, after meeting Amber (and seeing 'Chance') at MR2003.
She has had to take it off the market here in the US because she is trying to get it into theaters (I think it is going to be shown in a theater in Florida...).
But I'm sure it will be available again, eventually...
and of course some people might resell their copies on eBay.

I do recommend it, it is off-beat, and not for everyone.
But I loved it...and I feel it holds up for multiple viewings.
Is there a way I can download the trailer? I would love to see what it is about!
The Do That Girl..........David Fury is the pizza guy.......I love it!!
I can't find it in VHS on - am I reading you all right when you say "overseas"? That includes the UK, doesn't it?
Say it does!
I can't find it in VHS on - am I reading you all right when you say "overseas"? That includes the UK, doesn't it?

You're not going to find it on Amazon. It's only sold through a site affiliated with Amber Bensen (unless you want to buy off eBay). See link in my post above.
SweetMarilyn, 'Chance' was never available on Amazon as far as I know,
it could only be bought directly through Amber's site:
now it is only available outside of the US,
but I think she'll 'sell' it to you in the UK
please note: she sells an autographed photo or poster,
and gives the DVD or Video away for free...
this is because of rules made by the unions she belongs to in the US
Many thanks, Ruadh and Embers - I shall try Amber's site. (Is it just me, or does everyone get a little frisson when people respond personally to a query?!)
SillyD - Ah now I remember !! I think at the time I thought - 'oh look there's David Fury' - the man does like his cameos.
I took advantage of the “free DVD with autographed photo” when it was first made available through Amber’s site. “Chance” definitely has a delightfuly up close and personal feel due to being shot on high definition video and most of the locations being indoors, but I didn’t find it as earth shatteringly brilliant and original as this reviewer did. I would call it ambitious because there are a lot of elements thrown together (Chance talking directly to the camera, a troubadour, cross dressing, etc.) that manage to come together even if the dialogue isn’t always natural. Don’t get me wrong, I really like the film, butI think the main draw is to see Amber, James, and (briefly) Andy Hallett as different characters. James has the biggest hurdle to overcome because he has the blonde Spike hair (that is totally wrong for the character, but they were still filming Buffy) but he is totally convincing and I think gives the best performance next to Christine Estabrook as Chance’s mom. I’ve seen it several times and with each viewing I notice more of the humor or a thing I missed because of the non-linear narrative and it has become even more enjoyable with repeat viewings. I think it’s a fine first effort and I would like to see what Amber could do with more time and a bigger budget. Here’s my favourite bit of dialogue (spoken by Chance’s mom to James’ character, Simon): “I suppose that I should forewarn you that what I have to tell Chance may upset the delicate balance of her slothful life.”
I tend to agree with your comments, bloodflowers. Chance has gotten better with each viewing, (and I liked it to begin with), James's, Andy's, and Amber's performances are great, and it has a nice zing to it. But the dialogue doesn't quite hit the mark (mostly), and the style of the film makes you expect a more thematically-adventurous and experimental work than you get. I also found Chance's parents the most-contrived and therefore least-interesting characters.

Still and all, I love Chance because it gives Amber an opportunity to sparkle and be sassy, an opportunity which wasn't provided very often by the character of Tara, and because an unapologetically strong and sexual lead female role (who isn't a serial killer or something) is still an unforgiveably rare thing in movies.
SNT--I agree the situation with Chance’s parents is contrived, but I still like Ms Estabrook’s interpretation of the cliché. And I’d like to think some of the credit for that goes to guidance from her writer/director. I do have a slight problem with Amber’s performance because I think she rushes her lines sometimes, like she’s trying to get her dialogue out of the way so she can get back behind the camera.I think originally she wasn’t supposed to play Chance, so it’s understandable if she was a bit frazzled trying to direct herself on weekends in a film with almost no budget. I also wish she would have really flipped out when she was washing her hands after she touched Simon’s orange to convey more of a feeling of actual comforting that leads to what happens next. I do love that the character of Chance isn’t always likeable, but she seems real, even if the dialogue doesn’t always.

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