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March 03 2005

Alyson Hannigan rumored to have signed to new sitcom pilot. Her dad has posted on the AH Appreciation Society forum that she's signed onto the pilot for CBS, How I Met Your Mother.

Summary of How I Met Your Mother from TV Tome:

How I Met Your Mother," an ensemble comedy from the point of view of a man looking back on his single life from 20 years in the future. Carter Bays and Craig Thomas ("American Dad," "Method & Red") are writing and exec producing the 20th Century Fox TV pilot.

Another sitcom pilot. *shrug*. Just so she keeps appearing on Veronica Mars (and Veronica Mars keeps on appearing....)

Yet another show that has a character commenting on events from their past? Not that original--I hope it has some unique twist to it.
I am hoping, of course, that AH is not rushing into this--unless of course she is satisfied that it has the potential to be a quality show.
I've said it before, I'll watch Aly in anything, but I can't help but wish she'd give up this quest for a sitcom. She can do the comedy, sure, but ye gods, the drama. She can rip out our hearts and make us thank her for the honour - why shun that gift? Go for a place that gives the best of both worlds, I say. (coughVeronicaMarscough)

Ahh, but that's me wanting what I want again. Whatever makes her happiest.

..... (See above, re: VM)
It does appear that Aly has her heart set on a sitcom. I recall that she made just a statement shortly after the BtVS wrap-up. I too would rather see her in a good drama, but this is coming from a person who doesn't care much for sitcoms. We are a greedy bunch, aren't we. If this is what Aly wants then I say, "Go girl!"
How come you didn't post my alert about this on Wednesday? Oh well--the premise is reminiscent of "The Wonder Years"--which is okay because that show had elements of drama and comedy. It could exercise her two strengths.
Your post didn't contain a link, Gilmoid, so it was removed. Please read up on posting instructions.
I'm thrilled to see any and all of the Whedonverse actors working. Sometimes I have misgivings about their choices, but haven't we all taken jobs that weren't the best in order to get by until better things come along? Here's hoping it's a great show and a great success.
Hm this is her what, 3rd or 4th sitcom pilot? Not hodling my breath just yet. TV land kills up loads of sitcom pilots that wind up never broadcast. And even the ones that make it are usually the type of formulaic drivel I'd prefer to not see Aly in. Still, hope as they say, springs eternal;-)

BTW that one link won't load for me. Is it known yet who Aly will be? Is she the main gal, so to speak?
I think Aly´s character in VM is good (i haven´t seen the show yet), but i´d like to see her as the lead role.
I think Aly´s character in VM is good (i haven´t seen the show yet), but i´d like to see her as the lead role.

AH as the lead role in Veronica Mars? That's the very definition of a difficult retcon. :-)

And frankly, I don't want them to change a thing about Veronica -- either the series or the character. They're doing just fine.
Cool news. Hopefully something will come of this.
Bad Aly, don't star in sitcom, star in Veronica Mars instead. Good Aly! :P

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