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March 04 2005

Fug Exposure: Janine Turner arrives for her audition for Buffy: The Mid-Life Crisis Years: A snark on Janine Turner arriving somewhere, but a nice compliment to SMG tucked in there.

OMG, that is quite a website. So unnecessarily mean and bitchy - and so damn funny. Very well-written stuff.

And I liked a couple of the comments by viewers underneath:
"The Hellmouth woulda spat her back out," and "Puffy the Vampire Slayer."
Um...who is she? I seriously have no idea who she is, and can't bother googling her...
Love the "Paris Made Me Change My Number" T-shirt advertised on that site. Another (tenious) Whedon link, Seth Green was one of the people who had his number made public by the hackers. And I have it. Starting the bidding at $10...
She was in 'Northern Exposure' and the Sly Stone film 'Cliffhanger'. I have fond memories of 'Northern Exposure'. Like SNT, I found the site so unnecessarily mean and bitchy, but I failed to find it so damn funny. I'm probably overly-sensitive, or maybe I just don't have a sense of humour.
I heard that Seth Green's # got disconnected pretty quickly. I did manage to download a .wav file of his outgoing message and some idiot leaving him a voice mail asking him when the next Austin Powers movie was coming out.

Anyway, I too have fond memories of Northern Exposure...but only the first 2 seasons or so. Janine managed to remain smokin' hot for the entire run, though. I think she's on some Lifetime series nowadays.
Janine Turner played Maggie O'Connell on Northern Exposure. I love the coat, think she's got a nice (if predictably skinny Hollywood-type) figure, and don't care one way or the other about her lips. As far as the pants ... well, I prefer leather on men, but that's just me. I guess they could be tighter, but a less exhibitionistic fit seems more appropriate for someone who's not 20.

I get that this kind of commentary/humor is considered hilarious by segments of the population, but personally, I don't get it, and I never have. It seems unnecessarily mean-spirited. I also wonder why the people who took the time to write it don't find something more positive to do. Guess I'm not too hip :(
The funny thing is I met Heather and Jessica (the girls behind this website) in January and they were really nice and pleasant to talk to. I don't think they're being bitchy so much as snarky. I personally find their commentary to be rather hilarious.
I'm an old-timer so you'll have to help me out here. What's the distinction between 'bitchy' and 'snarky'?
Snarky is good-humored bitchy.
It's easy to be mean when one doesn't have one's own picture up for such scrutiny.
Cordelia with the scoobies=snarky

Harmony in buffy seasons 1-3=bitchy
Making fun of celebrities, and people who would love to think of themselves as celebrities, because of how they look and what they wear - hi-larious. Bitchy, mean, snarky, whatever, it's a funny site.

Celebrities make money from how they look. If they look bad, have bloody awful plastic surgery, and dress terribly, what's wrong with laughing about it? Especially when a goodly percentage of those mentioned on Fug are so over-exposed they're practically walking jokes anyway.

I know that if I had money and fame, I'd take a little more care to ensure I looked good in public, rather than something the cat dragged through the hedge backwards....;-D With no, uh, "wardrobe malfunctions."
I found the site when I was reading something on Television Without Pity—and, yes, it's got the same kind of humor. I find many of their comments funny (don't always agree entirely), so I check in daily. I tend not to read the write-in comments, though, since they're not usually as funny. I did have to add one once, though! I have mixed feelings about the site; it is easy to make fun of others and often much harder to be nice.

eddy, very good distinction between snarky and bitchy!

Janine Turner started out years ago on General Hospital—with blonde hair. When I saw her on NE, I didn't recognize her, even though I watched GH then (she played Demi Moore's sister).
Just want to point out that tight leather pants on women are NEVER out of style.....

Oh and btw, while I agree with the general difference between snarky and bitchy: Cordelia in Buffy S1, chunks of S2 and most of S3? Every inch as bitchy as Harmony on her worst days.
My two favorite weblogs, together at last. *sniff* It brings a tear to my cynical eye, lemme tell ya.

The nice thing about the Fug Blog is that they never make fun of anyone for being obese, or having an ugly nose, or for any of the other defects God gives us all. They make fun of people for wearing things that do not flatter their bodies, or for otherwise wrecking perfectly acceptable features with bad hair, bad makeup, and too much plastic surgery.

Celebrities who put their bad choices onto a red carpet for the world to see get what they deserve. And when you realize that the cost of one of Tara Reid's poor fashion decisions could feed an entire third world village for a week, sympathy evaporates quickly.
Excellent point, wren. Thanks.
Those were good points wren. I was a bit put off by the page at first (I liked her on NE), but she really is presenting herself to be looked at. It'd be different if it were a paparazzi photograph or something like that.
Looking at the rest of the site and reading the FAQ (which I didn't have time to do during lunch at work) I think I get where the writers are coming from. The part of the US where I live is, apparently, sadly bereft of rich people with bad taste and a passion for plastic surgery (or else they're very, very good at hiding). I guess it makes sense that LA, being so overrun with this kind of thing, would have turned celeb-snarking into a homegrown spectator sport.

Still think JT is a mild offender compared to the other pictures I saw there. I do agree that celebs put themselves in the public eye, and should be aware they're being scrutinized. (With paparazzi photos, as mentioned above, being something very different and in many cases entirely unethical.) Having never stumbled across a site like this before, it made me realize that I don't tend to notice actors/stars/celebrities at all, unless they're musicians or actors I actually like. Wacky, huh?
I don't know what the snarky bitches at that website are talking about. I think Ms. Turner looks great in that outfit. As far as I'm concerned, she could make a suit of armor look fashionable.
this particular outfit is mostly ok, i'd say the gap between the too high pants and the cropped shirt is the issue here. but for that site, it's tame. one of the WORST offenders ever though, is bai ling, they even have a link to just pictures of her "outfits" usually with parts hanging out. (or skirts that are too short.)
i like the fug girls because they usually have only red carpet pictures, and most of these people have stylists, so they shouldn't be dressing this badly. celebrities in their driveway picking up the paper style paparazzi photos are a different matter. britney spears however dresses in public these days like she's been laid up with a cold for three days and was attacked by wild animals, so as far as i'm concerned, it's fair game!
kittyholmes, you should be writing for Go Fug Yourself; your Britney Spears description is hysterical!

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