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March 05 2005

(SPOILER) More Info on Clare Kramer's new movie The Gravedancers. More Info from Clare Kramer's (Glory) new horror movie, "The Gravedancers" in which she stars alongside Dominic Purcell and Josie Maran. The film is to be directed by Mike Mendez.

Apocalypse, wouldn't it have been better to link to the original source ? They have some stuff that the other site have cut out.
jpr, i looked at both of the sites, and Slayerverse had more information on the overall plot of the movie, and some stuff from Claire Kramer's site. I considered doin it, but it just seemed a better link

If the mods want to change it though, thats fair enough
I'd change the headline. "The Gravedancers" on its own doesn't say a whole lot.

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