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March 05 2005

David Greenwalt's 'Profit' will be released on DVD (R1) on August 9, 2005. Now available for pre-order on for $20.99.

!!!! I'm so excited about this. I haven't seen it, but I've heard such good things. ::dreamy sigh:: That's awesome.
Cool. Ditto what sistakaren said. I haven't seen it, but judging by the things I've heard about it, a blind buy of this is a no-brainer.
Yipee! Went and ordered it already.
Any Whedonesqueteer care to summarize the concept for the show. Never heard of it, but since you guys love it, must be worth catching it.
It's actually not all that strange a concept. Adrian Pasdar is the lead, Jim Profit, who is newly hired at a big company. Now it's been many years since I've seen it, but I remember Profit blackmailing everyone in sight, including his loyal secretary, to get his way and to climb the corporate ladder. There's also the matter of his murdering his abusive father and possibly his trashy stepmother who tries to blackmail him. Oh, and he sleeps in a cardboard box. Naked. I was obsessed with this show. :)
Drifter - This site might help. There's also an interesting Salon article here.
Anyone else planning on maybe considering this a part of the Buffyverse (if it's quality), based on Greenwalt and Joss both saying they wanted to bring Profit in as a lawyer at Wolfram & Hart at one point? I can't remember, what were the reasons for them not doing that? Was the actor unavailable, would The WB not allow it? Did they just not get around to it? Didn't fit into any of Angel's arcs? If I end up liking the show, I might pretend it's taking place in the Buffyverse, even though it predates the Buffy TV series and I'm guessing there're no supernatural elements.

$20.99 is awesome. Every shortlived series that's about 12 to 15 episodes long should be priced that fairly, especially when they don't come to a satisfactory conclusion.
While it is not Buffyverse in that there is a distinct lack of supernatural elements in Jim Profits world it is easy to see the fanfic connection.

Jim Profit would obviously have taken full advantage of the services W&H offered for its clients, recognizing a talent the senior partners would undoubtedly have recruited him to W&H after the 'mishap' with the Beast required a new recruitment drive. The competition between him and Lilah Morgan might have caused some strain in the firm and the death of a number of junior employees but only until they realized how much they had in common and how far they could go if they cooperated, this would be after he regretfully turned down her tips on office furnishings by pointing out that he had very special taste in furniture. He would eat Lindsey for lunch, metaphorically speaking of course ( unless he could convince Drusilla to sire him in which case Lindsey really would be snacks ). After being fired by the new management and sensibly heading out the back door ignoring the summons to the CEO's office( Lorne would have dropped the seabreeze's and gone straight for the vodka after hearing him sing ), he would have gone into politics and with his natural talents he would have been well positioned to run for Senator Bruckners seat when Gunn declared it vacant. He and Lilah Morgan, the newly promoted senior partner and head of the Washington office of W&H would have been chartered by Wolf, Ram and Hart with the task of rebuilding the circle of the Black Thorn after the disconcerting events in LA, after all there are still work to be done to ensure that the apocalypse can take place on schedule and Jim Profit would certainly be a perfect candidate for the job.
Jim Profit specifically targetted Gracen & Gracen as a firm though, and had strong personal motives for doing so. He might not have been interested in W&H's agenda, especially given some of his actions near the end of Profit's run.
Invisible Green et al . . . many thanks. Certainly looks like a series (DVD set) I could enjoy, maybe even learn to love, albeit cut off in its prime, it seems.
Interesting verse connection: Keith Szarabajka (Daniel Holtz on Angel) was in Profit.

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Profit was the one of the first shows that I remember breaking my heart, because it was cancelled after only 4 episodes.

Back in 1996 I was working in television research, testing pilots for the networks. I was thrilled to meet Stephen J. Cannell when he personally came to the testing of Profit. I also was thrilled to meet Rob Bowman, because I knew his name from X-Files, when he came to test Millenium. Too bad I didn't know who that guy was who came to test Buffy.....
Would someone mind giving me a brief synopsis of what this shows about? I don't remember even seeing it. Thanks.

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