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January 06 2003

Fans, TV shows and the Internet. Another article, in the similar vein as this one, which looks at the influence of Television Without Pity (TWoP) on BtVS and other shows.

"'Marti-bashing is the national sport of Television Without Pity's Buffy boards,' Bunting acknowledges. 'The things that people say about her are sometimes extreme - but that's the internet for you. Buffy 's a cult show that inspires a great deal of fervency of all kinds but it was surprising to me that she would take it to heart. I thought she would be more like, "Whatever..."'"

'The things that people say about her are sometimes extreme - but that's the internet for you.'

Hmm. That's people for you, when they are given that thing. That thing called 'Freedom of Speech'. Which people tend to interpret as "its my godgiven right to shout any abuse I want to when I'm feeling a little cranky".

Marti gets a bad rap. Not that I'm about to start, but really, you can't blame her for third world debt, the plague and the state of the economy.

Also, if I were Marti and I read those comments... I'd take it to heart too. You'd have to be really oblivious not to.
The personal attacks on Marti last season were disgraceful and the people who made them should be ashamed of themselves. It must have been so disheartening for her to read them. It's about time Martin got a blog devoted to him. OH, MARTI! Sorry about that.

Seriously, people blaming her for things that have nothing to do with her (and I'll even include things that have to do with her,) well, she doesn't have to take it to heart. She could easily just say, "God, this guy/gal is a complete idiot. I'm not going to give them power over me." It's always seemed to me that Mutant Enemy, despite Joss' guiding hand is quite a collaborative effort, and Marti's control in Season 6 was an easy excuse to those who didn't enjoy the season.

Considering the comments I see, I'd guess the All.About.Marti weblog would be NOXious.

I *hope* I haven't just given someone an idea....
I must say this article captures the whole spitball-from-back-of-class vibe of sites like TWOP and there ilk. I find there whole tone of epic condescension to be off-putting and try to avoid them. This peak behind the curtain merely confirmed why.

As to whether people wishing your death should upset you, I guess Marti is just being childish.
It's always unpleasant to have people hate you publicly, I guess. But Marti's a strong person or she wouldn't be where she is. I loved season 6 (in an agonized sort of way). People who didn't like it just didn't get it. Go Marti!

Considers starting Noxonesque, but it would probably be clogged with anti-Marti trolls, so I'll just leave it...
I like some of the rules at TWOP. "No talking about other boards on the boards" is one of 'em. I'm not going to do any heavy policing here (I hope I never have to), and I'm not going to enforce that particular rule here. I hope when we talk about other boards we can just try keep it 'positive'.
Opps. Hope I didn't come off as pissy with my comment about TWOP. By the way, the 'Marti is being childish' line is meant to be sarcastic (couldn't find the proper sarcastic font though).

I find sites like TWOP (a lot of sites, actually) to be a mystery with there constant negativity and there weird sense of ownership over a show. There are plenty of shows I don't enjoy but I just stop watching and stop talking about them. I remain mystified by the fanboy need to dwell on all the problems with a show or movie.

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