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March 07 2005

James Marsters and Common Rotation in concert at Whedonverse and Beyond... Friday night, July 8th, 2005 -- concert in Sacramento at Whedonverse and Beyond...

Holy crap. James. I was debating whether I had the money for the $125 Weekend Pass and a NF Photo Op. Instead of needing under $200 bucks, I now need a whole lot more, and quickly. I couldn't bear going to the con without getting into the concert.

I'm going to be eating Top Ramen for weeks.

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*grumble, grumble.. sigh*

Anyone wanna lend me lots and lots of money? (By "lend" I do of course mean "give".)
great. the one time something remotely interesting comes to my area, and it's 200+ bucks!! ah, entertainment sure is expensive
I love Common Rotation and listening to James sing, but I've got enough events on my plate already, one I'm definately attending and another that I still need to finagle the time off work to attend.
This looks cool. James Marsters, Common Rotation and Kane all in July. What a month. Looks like Cup O Soup all August though :)
Actually they are all in July not August.
I'd love to hear James' new stuff, but Sacramento's just too far for a concert. Here's hoping he does some gigs here in LA, like he used to.
Of course they are in July. That's what the second sentence in my post said. August is all about the cup o soup because I will have spent all my money in July.

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