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"That man is playing Galaga! Thought we wouldn't notice. But we did."
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March 07 2005

Seth Green talks about his new comic book 'The Freshmen". Starring in a cult genre show, successful movie roles, his own tv show and now writing a comic book. Is there nothing this actor can not turn his hand to?

I just saw that over at Newsarama. Quite amazing, as you said is there anything Seth Green can't do? Speak sanscrit mabe? :-)
Well, he learned how to be a renaissance man at the master's knee...
He sure as heck hasn't restricted himself to one medium. Gotta admire that.
Well, rumour has it that his tightrope walking skills leave a lot to be desired.
Yeah yeah :P. I'm having a Seth Green appreciation day in my head. Bear with me :).
"Synchronised swimming. Complete mystery to me."

Okay, that was Giles...
Hehe, nothing wrong with that, Simon. Seth deserves it, that guy is extremely underrated.
well I totally get the Seth Green appreciation...I love Robot Chicken!
now, does he have a publisher for 'The Freshman'?
because I didn't see that, or the release date, on the site??
Seth is really amazing.
This comic sounds funny and interesting.
The Freshman will be out in July and published by Top Cow from what I can remember reading in the latest issue of Wizard.
thank you Simon! I have marked my calendar so I can keep an eye out for it....
Hmm, Joss and Seth. Why did a picture of Mini Me suddenly pop into my head? :)
I'm looking forward to this one. Should be very cool.

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