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March 07 2005

Anthony Stewart Head - the new narrator for "Project: Who". This is a forthcoming two-part radio documentary "Project: Who" airing on Radio 2 on March 22 and 29 and is part of the lead up for the new Dr Who series.

I'm going to be listening for this one!!!


A little too late for a lead up.

BTW, I have seen the episode and it's strongly reminiscent of BtVS. Turns out the new companion used to be a star gymnast back in school. In fact, if there wasn't a big blue police box hanging out in some of the scenes, I may have wondered if I had stumbled onto a new Slayer spin-off.
Hi Tensai! *Waves* Big SpoilerSlayer fan here.

Was going to say that I love seeing things like this. Odd that I totally forget about my radio while at home, yet in the car it's my lifeline (except for my OMWF cd that's in constant pause mode for when commercials come on).
Tensai - glad to see your site will be back sometime in April too. I have missed the wit and insight that it used to bring.

Back to topic - and to think ASH's name was one that was, by repute, one of the early replacements considered for Dr Who. Ironic that he now does the documentary on it!.

Although I have not seen the first episode of this incarnation of Dr Who (because I would never download anything I wasn't supposed to!), lots of the buzz from those who have is that there is no small amount of slayer-resemblance in the new Companion.

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This is heresy! The girls on Doctor Who should get captured and scream and scream until they get rescued!
I'm a "Who" fan and cannot wait for the series to return on March 26th. I was reading some of the episode 1 reviews on Gallifrey One yesterday (I'm "SusanForeman" on that forum) and it does sound a bit cheesy (especially the bit with the rubbish bin!) .... but I am sure I will still enjoy it.
Oh man I can't wait for this one!
Apparently the creator is a big fan of BtVS:

Russell is the first to admit that he has been heavily influenced by the hit US fantasy series Buffy THe Vampire Slayer. "Good Writing Good. That's the most important thing in that wonderful show. It showed the whole world, and an entire, sprawling industry, that writing monsters and demons and end-of-the-world isn't hack-work, it can challenge the best. Joss Whedon raised the bar for every writer - not just genre/niche writers, but every single one of us."

Read the whole article here.
I will try to catch the new show, hopefully by then I have shaken off the memories of hiding behind the sofa when the daleks came out.
Spoiler for Doctor Who first episode!

Having seen the opening episode I feel they should have made it a two hour episode. It felt so rushed and the 'plot' was non existant. We first met the Doc when he already knew who and what the baddies were and how they worked and then he more or less just had to find their base and that was it. There were a few good lines but no where near enough actual character development. The baddies didn't speak and the big bad just made noises that only the Doctor could understand, so the conflict was nothing.

There were a few things that may be foreshadowing future episodes....

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