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March 08 2005

Angel's Vincent Kartheiser to Headline Slag Heap at the Cherry Lane Theatre on Broadway. Previews of Anton Dudley's play, Slag Heap, which is set in Manchester, England, are scheduled to begin at the Cherry Lane Theatre on March 29.

I amended your link slightly to give a little more background. Those of you who are interested can go here for information about tickets and location.
I got all excited then: I live in the UK and I first mis-read it as him doing the play in Manchester. I would have got the train up there... I wonder if he has cracked the accent? There's still time for him to watch some "Coronation Street" to get some tips for that but hopefully he'll ignore Daphne "Frasier" Moon's version of the Manc accent.
Funny enough JudithS I did exactly the same thing, I'd mentally booked tickets before I re read it :(

A Mancunian Vincent - hmm, He can always come and stay with me for a few months and we'll do 'field trips' to Manchester to get in some practice.

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