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March 08 2005

Diamond Select Toys Announces 'Serenity' Figures. They made the news official in a press release and said that they have picked up the action figure licensing rights to 'Serenity'.

Diamond Select Toys, who are currently also producing 'Buffy' and 'Angel' action figure lines, announce that they've picked up the rights to do 'Serenity' figures, but they haven't announced who yet, nor are there any pictures or prototypes.

I've slightly edited your subject line as news about the action figures was posted before but there was no official word from Diamond Select until now.
Groovy - my bad. Thanks for the fix, Simon! :)

PS) On their official site, DST has added that they will be premiering t he figures at the Pasadena Grand Slam March 11th - 13th, as well as Wizard's LA con March 18th - 20th. There also appear to be 2 new movie pics of Mal and Jayne. Didn't know whether to make a new story or just add it to this one...your call :)

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I'm happy for those of you who collect Diamond action figures but I'm a Sideshow gal! Does anyone know if this is going to be exclusive to them? Now, my husband is probably hoping they will be (for some reason he thinks our house is becoming over run with BtVS figures) but I'm hoping Sideshow will do this line too!

Now, isn't this also a sign that Universal has high hopes for this movie if they are doing toys for it already?
Typhon24, re: your link...

Boy, poor Mal looks tired in that photo. Jayne just looks confussed. But thanks for the link, I always love to see anything new for SERENITY (I think these are new).

And "Oscar® Winner Joss Whedon"? Can they see the future? Next year will Joss hoist up the little gold man, tears in his eyes, and thank the Academy for choosing him to be the vessel for which this blessing might flow? :D

Or am I just missing something?
He got one for his contribution to the screenplay for Toy Story.
Yeah, Mal looks like he's going back to being haggard for the movie. Can't tell how I feel about that...seems like that's how Joss always wanted to write him but Fox wouldn't let him, so - yay? :) I liked pilot Mal, so I guess this is just like that. Also, anyone else notice that movie-Jayne has poofy hair? I'm fine with it, it's just funny :)
Craig Oxbow: I thought he was only nominated for Toy Story? Time to take a google trip...

Ok, here it is: Toy Story won a special award: To "John Lasseter, for his inspired leadership of the Pixar 'Toy Story' team, resulting in the first feature-length computer-animated film." But the award for WRITING (Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen) went to The Usual Suspects.

And Typhon, I actually like the haggard Mal, too. It does my heart good to know that we will have the Joss-vision of the character, rather than a FOX-vision (now there's an oxymoron!).

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Okay, now I'm puzzled.
The article says Oscar-nominated, which I believe is right.

Poor Mal... he looks like he's been awake for about ten days straight. Jayne, otoh, looks like he just woke up.

And action figures... can you hear me squealing from there? I bet you can!
I think that pic of Jayne is new, the one of Mal is very similar to the group pic.
Zencat, actually the article that Typhon24 linked says "Oscar winner". But hey, it's gonna happen one day, so I just think Diamond is being very forward-thinking. :)

As for the figures themselves, I have never been too impressed with what Diamond does, so along with Firefly Flanatic, I am hoping it's not an exclusive thing. No matter what, though, woo-hoo! Action figures of my favorite characters? I'm going to have me a mini-Mal!
Shiny!! I have to say Mal does not look haggard in the movie at least to me he did not.
woohoo can't wait for these!!! I hope they're hot ...i.e. do the cast justice ;)

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