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March 09 2005

Elizabeth Rohm Co-Heads the Cast of Fox's "Briar & Graves". The Futon Critic reports that Rohm has snagged the co-lead role of Briar opposite Charles Mesure's Graves ("Boogeyman") in the upcoming religious/supernatural-
flavored drama.

Entry is third from the top. Glad to see another Whedonverse alumna picking up work; hopefully this project will be a better fit for her than "Law & Order" was.

Immediately below this entry, Luke Perry gets a mention for his role in the Sci Fi channel's 'underground adventure' project, "Descent".

Is someone else from whedonverse involved with this? I'm sure I've heard the title before.
I hate Name & Name titles. This must be the second new show since Miracles that mentions investigating 'religious phenomena'.
Sounds like 'Strange', a UK series, which was an ex priest and a nurse investigating weird stuff.

And on the same page "Quantico" sounds very like The Insider.
I am just glad to see Elizabeth Rohm working. I really loved her on Angel...and thought she did a good job on the very few episodes of Law & Order I saw.
They should have stuck with Miracles, they're unlikely to get anything better than that was! But I like Ms. Rohm, so I'll give it a chance.
Briar & Graves is from Adelstein-Parouse, who also made Tru Calling and Point Pleasant.
Briar & Graves sounds derivative, but to be honest, I'm just glad Elizabeth Rohm's career wasn't killed off by her last episode of L&O. Maybe she can return to "Kate" form in a new series.
I never liked Kate in Angel, but im pleased to see Elisabeth getting a new series.
It could be a great opportunity for her.

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