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March 09 2005

Amy Acker signs on for a new pilot. The Pilot is called "The Unit" and is by CBS.

Also its executive producer is Shawn Ryan, also an Angel alum and creator of "The Shield".

Why do so many ex-Buffy/Angel stars have to sign on for cop shows? I hate cop shows. *pouts*
Wow, David Mamet! Loved State And Main.

And, very tenuious Whedon link here, Mamet was married to Lindsey Crouse who played Prof Walsh in S4 of Buffy.
A Whedon cop show.
Law and Order: Stakes and Silver Bullets Division.

I can see it now. You have the first part, where Spike and Gunn go out and investigate crimes. Then you have ADA Elizabeth Rohm prosecute (complete with DA Shamans to protect the jury) against the lawyers of Wolfram and Hart. Dick Wolf meets Whedon. I think its an NBC winner!
Mamet and Ryan? This sounds promising.
Why do so many ex-Buffy/Angel stars have to sign on for cop shows?

Because cop shows & procedural dramas are the only thing on teevee anymore? /harrumph

Agreed that the Mamet/Ryan combo sounds promising, though unlikely to draw a viewer like myself in. So far, I rate Amy's pilot ahead of all the others that Whedon alums have signed for.
I donīt like cop shows, but the creative team are promising, and of course, Amy is in it, so... if i can, iīll see it.

Why donīt all the ex-whedonverse stars that are already attached to a cop show, work together in one cop show? :p
That would be great :p
Despite its being a cop show (ha, I first wrote "copy" -- hope it's not too derivative), this sounds promising. I really like Regina Taylor, too, so this might actually win my attention, assuming it's greenlighted. And it's on one of the major networks. Glad someone was paying attention to AA's acting abilities in s5.
Have to agree that i'm not thrilled with seeing yet another of our guys sign to a cop show, especially as that means i'll almost certainly not be watching it, assuming it gets the go ahead. I've had more than enough of this kind of thing to be honest. I actually tried to sit through an episode or two of Cold Case, thinking it might have the slightest amount of originality, but it slipped into the same basic formula each week in no time at all. Needless to say it didn't hold my attention.

I'm not complaining though. Despite a very obvious lack of anything Joss-like on television right now there are actually a fair amount of good, interesting shows to watch. Obviously at least a few quality writers don't think that procedural drama is the way to go.
I like some cop shows (not any of the CSIs, though), so I'll watch it, for sure—at least to try it out.

Oh, I love Cold Case; it always makes me cry. While it does use a formula, they flashbacks and music from the time work well.

Let's be glad they're not all on reality shows!
Personally, I think this is great news. I absolutely love The Shield, so I'll definitely be checking this show out. While I agree there is an over-abundance of cop shows out there, there isn't an abundance of continuity driven cop shows (like The Shield and Homicide: Life on the Street). So here's hoping Ryan and Mamet will follow The Shield formula rather than giving us just a really well written Law and Order/CSI standalone-episode-type drama.

I just finished watching everything on the Angel Season 5 DVDs, and now I'm extremely eager to see some more work from Amy Acker. I had almost forgotten how amazing she was as Illyria.
As I read it, I am not sure that it is a cop show:
"The Unit" looks at members of a Special Forces unit and their families.

It sounds like "Tour of Duty" territory to me (I could have said "Combat" and really shown my age!).
So is Amy one of the special forces or one of the family?
It's based on a non-fiction book about Delta Force. Special Forces don't admit females, so Amy's character would not be a member of "The Unit."

Oh, and yes, catalyst2, Delta Force is military -specifically Army

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So is Amy one of the special forces or one of the family?

Wouldn't it be cool if the special forces were actual special forces with special powers? That way Amy could use her Illyria powers ;)
Yay for Amy -- it'll be great to see her in something (if it airs, that is).

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