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January 06 2003

Good news for German fans as they will be getting an individual DVD release of Once More With Feeling on February 15th, 2003.

And I just ordered it off the German Amazon site here.

It's bound to be a huge collector's item.
Just ordered it too... Thank God for my overfamiliarity with's menu layouts.

Guess who flunked his German GCSE exam?
I ordered it too. Sigh. I already have a bootleg of the Variety CD. And a VCD.
I ordered Tales of the Slayer 2. Dunno what Holland and the USA are like for BtVS merchandise but in the UK, its huge.
There's nothing here in Holland. Anytime I'm in Dublin I drool over the action figures and mugs and everything, but I don't buy a lot.
Since OMWF was shown on the BBC recently, Woolworths have been running TV ads promoting the soundtrack. I was amazed to see it being advertised on prime time TV.

Buffy's a huge cult here (if that ain't a contradiction in terms). Though, less said about the Spike and Faith busts the better.
I'd love to order it - but for the dang DVD code system! Haven't quite had the courage to try one of those specially modified code-free players.

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