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March 09 2005

Nathan Fillion drops out of this weekend's Grand Slam. Nathan had to drop out due to a film job, but has been replaced by Alan Tudyk.

Adam Baldwin and Alan Tudyk will be guests at the con and also participating in the Firefly "Happy Hour" on Saturday.

We are happy to announce ... ALAN TUDYK (Hoban "Wash" Washburn) will be able to fill Nathan's spot ...

Wash's first name is Hoban? Have I missed something here?

I learn something new everyday!
catalyst2: on the IMDB page for the movie it says Hoban Washburn.

Though I don't remember hearing his name in the show.
Caleb: thanks for that - and then I also noticed Book's name:
Shepard Meria Book.

Two new things for the day!!

ETA: And then I noticed this gem: invisi-text for SPOILER Cool!

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