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March 09 2005

'These Girls' promo movie pics. Featuring the highly photogenic David Boreanaz and the ever adorable Caroline Dhavernas. And there's a plot synposis as well (one pic probably not safe for work btw).

*fans self* Let me show off my shallow side: Shirtless DB! Whoo hoo!
Wow. Somebody's lost a tiny bit of weight and just looks yummier!
This movie sounds very funny. I'll definitely see it for Caroline Dhavernas. I absolutely love her.
Well no wonder he's got a smile on his face....

If this doesn't seperate him from Angel then I don't know what would. Gay porn?
Is this going to be a theatrical release? Or yet another TV movie? And how come this is the first I've heard of it? Maybe I missed a previous news story...

electricspacegirl, I'm with you. Just finished Wonderfalls and love Caroline D. She's a doll.
Amanda! My favourite ex Muchmusic host. I'd heard she'd left the show to pursue her acting, but I wasn't aware of this film. Caroline and David! Whoo.. so gotta see this.
Caroline Dhavernas is also starring in a movie called "Niagara Motel", which is written by the people behind the CBC teevee series "This Is Wonderland", which must mean something in the context of "Wonderfalls".
Dhavernas in a swimsuit. Ok... now I have drool in my keyboard. Is it just me or she the most wonderfully beautiful woman alive? Well, 2nd to my wife of course... err...
DB still has his edge
If this doesn't seperate him from Angel then I don't know what would. Gay porn?

If James Marsters were costarring, that would only reinforce many "shippers" wishes!

I'm waiting for my Wonderfalls DVDs, but I loved the four episodes that aired. While some were better than others, the writing was great, overall. And the memory of the creatures all singing "100 Bottles of Beer on the Wall" scene still cracks me up.
*wipes off drool*

Good god. I knew there was a reason I had all these hormones, and it's called "David Boreanaz".

And also, hey Caroline Dhavernas? Very cool. I still miss Wonderfalls.
zz9 - I don't know that this movie does separate him from Angel. Sounds like a modern version of Angel and the three Furies to me. Mmmm Angel. The plot for this movie has SO got to be the brainchild of some guy! All we need is for a bit of girl on girl action and it will be perfect!
Hello Salty Goodness!
I hear we get a very slurpalicious butt shot from DB and well, that's reason enough for me to see this movie.

*dreamy sigh*
There are some more pictures besides those featured on that page, you can see them here.
I posted a link about this back in September or so of last year, I think. CD looks so cute, but I almost didn't recognize her with her hair pulled back. This should be a fun little romp. I can imagine that DB, with his comfort level around women (he grew up with two older sisters), had himself a fine old time.

[shallow] Damn. That is a pretty, pretty man. [/shallow]
Hmmm....I like the premise of this film. While it appears at first that the man is getting the better end of the bargain - three girls! - the description goes on to imply that he's really the one being used and abused. I think this is an indie flick - likely to make the rounds at film festivals, possibly difficult to find in theaters. Here's hoping it gets a wide release.

David & Caroline look lovely - though I'd love to see her with a different hairstyle some day. Hurrah for the prettiness!
This is Wonderland is a CBC show that has a totally different story line. I believe it refers more to Alice's Wonderland.
Awe man. Now I'm horny. And by horny I mean sexually aroused, not growing horns.
Perfect timing. Talking over lunch with friends about how wonderful DVDs are because you only have to watch the parts you want, over and over and over and over . . .

Okay, need to calm down, still at work.
See, Angel's not dead, he's just naked (mmmm...)
Oh dear Lord. DB is like a good bottle of wine. He only gets better with age. Those pecks! Just look at those pecks! OK, I'll shut up now.
Yum. I'll take that with a side of Marsters to go please.
Is it just me, or is it a little disorienting to see so much of DB's right upper back without the requisite Angel gryphon tattoo?

And how adorable is this! Who's the luckier one in that cuddle? ;)
Wiseblood, that's Caroline Dhavernas.
Yeah ... I know that's CD. I just meant, rhetorically speaking, which one of the two of them is the luckier one in that cuddle?

I'm guessing it would depend on one's gender and personal eye candy preference, but I didn't want to make any assumptions, y'see....
Just to join in on the group lech "mmmm nekkid DB"

*drools and faints*

This sounds like a funny movie AND it has DB. Does anyone know when this will be released??
Is it just me, or is it a little disorienting to see so much of DB's right upper back without the requisite Angel gryphon tattoo?

Didn't even notice the missing tatoo because I was too distracted with trying to imagine what we weren't seeing!!
Woohoo I love Caroline Dhavernas... and David's a bonus :) I hope we get to see this!

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