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March 10 2005

UK Buffy DVD's are now 17.99! I believe this is the new M-Lock packaging, but the price is well worth it for anyone who has held back for cheaper boxsets.

Now if they would do that in the US.

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I've amended the title to show that they are from the UK.
Ok, what is M-Lock packaging?
Firefly is £12.99 on there too.
Odd that Season One, much shorter than the full seasons, is priced the same.

And, echoing tgilders, What is M-Lock packaging?

Heading to Google to check.
It's cool if you don't mind the new packaging. I personally started collecting the last dvd-sets I didn't have yet in the old "book-like" (I believe the official term is "digipack"? Correct me if I'm wrong) versions as soon as I saw the new packaging in a store a little while ago, before they would go out of stock. These have a more durable, mystical and all-around collection-y feel to them, and are thus more fitting for a show like BtVS. All in all it might've cost me at least twice what it would've cost me if I'd went with the cheap (in every sense of the word) new versions, but it feels justifiable since now I have a way prettier and more durable collection of the greatest tv show ever.
This link shows M-Lock packaging.
It mentions on each of the DVD boxset individual pages that they have recently been deleted in the UK. Anyone know why that is? From what i understand they were only originally released in this M-Lock format at the end of January this year so there must be a reason why they were deleted so soon afterwards.
Weirdly, only Season 1-3 have been 'deleted', but they are still marked as In Stock and Available...
Really? I actually only went as far as checking seasons one to three and then assumed the rest would be the same. Actually that makes the situation even stranger in a way. Why have only the first three seasons been deleted i wonder?
I hate the fragile digipack versions we have here in Spain.
But i have the first four seasons yet, so i won“t re-buy them in this "new" format, if they change it.
I have seasons 4-7 to get, this may help:D
What I really want to know is, will the rereleases have all the extra features that appear on the Region 1 discs, some of which are missing from the original R2 discs?
Probably not.
This is a slightly off topic post, but I have been wondering for some time now how TV-series (and in particular BtvS, Angel and Firefly) are converted to PAL from NTSC. Apart from some technical differences in how images are transmitted there is also a difference in resolution and frame rate. Are american TV-series directly shot in NTSC-format and is there some conversion (for example deleting some frames) to PAL, or is the original shot on some different format all together, after which different conversions take place (if so, how do they solve the frame-rate difference problem)?

I would like to know this, to find out in which format the DVD's have the best image quality (after which I can buy them in that format).
Celebithil, I have both the PAL and NTSC versions of BtVS and I can't tell any difference in image quality. Also couldn't detect any dropped frames between the two formats. I like the PAL for seasons 4-7 because of the wide screen format. Be advise that the PAL region 2 DVDs are designed to be played on 50 hZ voltage frequency. If played on 60 hZ frequency, the disc will run 4% faster. This isn't enough to affect the action, but you will notice the characters voices are slightly higher pitched. It bugged me at first, but I got used to it. Kinda like Buffy extra screaky :) And I guess the opposite would be true if you played a region 1 DVD at 50 hZ. The voices would be lower pitched giving Buffy a manly man voice. Perhaps someone in the UK can confirm that.

The only content differences I noted is that the region 2 DVD set did not have a commentary for 'Wild at Heart'. Joss, Marti Noxon, and Seth Green commentary is on the region 1 and it's very funny. I did discover one mystery. We were discussing this very same subject several months ago with a post of BtVS season 7 region 2 DVD review. The author noted that one of the ester eggs included the 99 episode flashback in the opening of 'The Gift' that was not on the season 5 DVD set. Several in our room stated that the region 2 version of 'The Gift' opened with the boy running down alley. Yet, my region 2 DVD set had the full opening as the region 1 with the exception it's in wide-screen. Did they release another version of region 2 in the past 6 months?

As for the subject of box type, the 'book' version used in the region 2 DVD is the hands down winner. First, it's half the width of region 1 'fold-out' DVD set. Second, you don't need two acres of space to open the silly thing. Third, I always seem to get a fold-out set that has a loose or broken DVD retainer which leads to a disc rolling across the floor every time the set is opened. Drives me nuts. I don't have any problems with the few M-lock cases that I own. I really like the pop-up DVD release button, I've noticed most M-lock cases use this type of DVD retainer.

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