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March 10 2005

Trailer up for James Marsters' COOL MONEY at USA Network.

Looks promising! I'll be setting my VCR.
I hope he plays it kinda smarmy. James is so good at comedy.
Oh, that looks sooooooo much better than I thought it would.

JM looks/sounds goooooood, too. ("I have a receipt for those." Heh. )

(I'm over-using vowels and abusing italics. You know what that means.. *GLEE!*)

*Fingers crossed for non-suckage*
It actually looked good.

So did he, but he always does.

But the movie itself actually looked interesting.
Yes, it looks like it could be quite good. Definitely going to make sure I set my VCR if I can't watch it!
Oh now to pray that it actually makes it's way to Australian TV.
I so much hate don't have a broad band connection. It took me years to see the thing. Looks like it's going to be a good movie.
I must admit, I'm actually getting kinda excited for it. It does happen to look pretty interesting.
I was beginning to wonder if USA Networks would ever put the trailer online. The movie looks like a lot of fun. Very Ocean's Eleven and all that.
I agree, this looks like just the right amount of cheese. And that role seems like it could fit James perfectly. I'll be watching.
James looks great and so does the film. That's a good combination !
Things are looking good today :) - Nekkid DB in These girls and now JM in a movie that looks as if it is worthy of his talents (well it looked fun anyway).

Going to ask my 'broadband friend' to get that one for me :)
I was wondering about USA Network's failure to promote this too, Simon! I even e-mailed them a couple of times to complain about it, figuring everyone else was doing the same thing! It does look great, doesn't it? :)
The trailer looks very promising. Now, I'm really looking forward to seeing this.
I've seen the trailer on television several times by pure chance while flipping through the channels. So, its being promoted. As fans, we always want better promotion for members of our beloved Whedonverse, but overall I think they're doing a fair job. Heck, USA has probably done more promotion of this original movie than the WB did all during Season 5 of Angel.
Absolutely agree with you killinj.....I have seen both long and short promos for this film, and now it's on almost every nite during the Law and Order SVU spot, and Monk too. I think this film has real potential....and in all honesty, some of the major networks haven't had a whole lot to offer, so I am glad to see this getting some press, both in promos and in TV Guide. James looks awesome in the trailers, and I hope he had a great time doing this flic. Even if it is mediocre, I'm sure he will give it his all. He always does.
Right now I am just so happy to get the chance to see him again. I mean...I watched and taped "The Mountain" for God's sake, and even though I think Point Pleasant is pretty poor...I would be right there glued to the tube if he joins the cast. I just hope that he gets some notice and good reveiws and tons more offers for a new series and guest spots start rolling in.
I would watch James in anything. I just hope my crappy cable doesn't go out.
Cannot get the effing thing to play. I am such a Luddite. I am so challenged.
JudithS it could just be that you need to activate RealPlayer, because it didn't look like it was on MP3..
but I'm pretty ignorant about these things.

I loved seeing the clip, and I'm very excited now;
this really looks like a lot of fun.
I'll have to get my VCR ready to tape!
I'm very excited about seeing Cool Money. It looks like JM will get a chance to show off his great range as an actor and gets the chance to do comedy and drama.
Oh! That looks as if it might actually be a good movie! And James M looks good too. I'm going to go ahead and get my hopes up. It will be so nice to see a Jossverse favorite in something worthwhile again on the tube. "The Mountain" was a disappointment. I liked Alyson on "Veronica Mars" but her appearanced added up to no more than a few minutes. I am actually getting excited about this!

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