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March 10 2005

Lost box art found! Care to take a look at what the first season boxset will look like?

Wonder if those commentaires will include Goddard and Fury...

Looks okay I guess... I find it a bit strange that they would have a whole featurette with just Matthew Fox photos.
I think it's actually photos he has taken since the show started filming. Maybe locations shots, photos of cast, crew, etc. They are not pictures of him.
Well *technically* we're not encouraging links about Lost (in general, as opposed to Fury or Goddard's work in particular) on the front page, but this is a rather cool find, and I like your link caption,:), so I'm letting it stand. Lost links or news should usually go to the flickr group.
I think that Matthew Fox thing is going to be a behind the scenes look at this photo shoot he did for a magazine(entertainment weekly?) recently. But I may be wrong, its just a hunch.

Also that price is good!

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For some reason it reminds me of the Band of Brothers DVD cover. But then it's not even 8am here so what do I know?
Simon - goood find. Resemblance is spooky, although, upon reflection, the themes aren't that dissimilar - isolated group, thrown together with little in common, under pressure, forging new bonds of friendship amidst events bigger than themselves etc. Settings very different - In Australia, we are only up to episode 5, I think.

BlindHawkeyes - loved the link caption!
Five hours worth of extras are great. I also hope that we'll get a commentary or two from Fury and Goddard, hopefully together. I understand these two are quite a riot when you put them in the same room.

Also, does anyone know if this will be a 22 or a 24 episode season? I've seen both numbers listed on various 'Lost' sites.
I'm really excited for this!! I like the art...and I can't wait to dig into all the supplementary content.

Madhatter, LOST will be 24 episodes this season.
Thing I'm most excited about is the mini-movie. New, actual in-continuity content is something I'd like to see more of as extras on DVDs. I believe even the third season of 24 on DVD has a 10 or 20 minute "mini-episode" that bridges the gap between Season 3 and 4 somewhat, or at least sets up Season 4 with a prologue of sorts. It makes the DVD set that much more worth buying to me. It also makes me think that some day, sooner rather than later, we may actually get some direct-to-DVD TV, which I find exciting.
Dawn Of The Dead(2004)'s unrated director's cut DVD had 2 very cool featurettes that were mini-movies. One in particular fleshed out one of the important yet minor characters with 10 minutes of footage.
Thanks guys, SNT, sorry, I'll keep that in mind for the next Lost item I find.

Even though it's kind of odd, I actually am looking forward to seeing how they made the plane and shipped it to Hawaii.

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