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March 11 2005

Who's the coolest Hollywood comic creator? - A Wizard poll. Joss retains a slim lead of around 80%.

I would have included Joe Michael Straczynski on the poll but that's just me. And I haven't seen a poll that one sided since the old communist days in Eastern Europe. All good really.

How sad, it's only at 90% for JW now. Surely we can do better than that? ;)
Lead now extended to 83% (JW 89 vs Hudlin 5 vs Heinberg 6). Close but Joss might just scrape through!

ETA: Whoops, posted after Wiseblood. Come on, Joss' lead is being whittled back!

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[ edited by catalyst2 on 2005-03-11 09:41 ]
Just voted, it's back up to 90% now.

And on the day the phrase "one horse race" was redefined, we stood in awe and watched.
What a shame, Joss is 'only' pulling a 90% lead. Poor man must be slipping ;)
Well I'm glad I voted. It would have sucked if Joss had dropped to 89.9%
Not including JMS does seem rather odd and probably would've given Joss a bigger fight. That said, after what he did to Gwen I think there is a lot of resentment in fandom. Also the fact that AXM is (imho) better than any of JMS' work means Joss would've romped home anyway.
Joss is up to 92% now!
He is definitely running away with this.
And he deserves it, not only is AXM wonderful,
but he brought a lot of new fans to the comic medium.
Very true, embers. Marvel Comics know a creative genius when they see one and I trust they will do everything in their power to keep Joss happy.

Now, if only a television network could see the light....sigh :(
Oh, look, they're pimping a Buffy figure on the front page, right above a poll with Joss's name in it. What a coincidence! I wonder if the legions of Whedon fans dutifully trouping through and voting for Joss in this weak poll have made am impact on their sales?

Sorry, cyncial: don't mind me.

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