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March 11 2005

Angel: The Curse #1 preview. 8 page preview of Angel: The Curse #1 from IDW at Newsarama. And it has been confirmed that Peter David will do a Spike one-shot comic book in August.

Possibly some minor spoilers. No dialogue, but the art is nice. Also included are two covers for issue #1. There's a nice one of puppet Angel.

Angel: The Curse #1, the first issue of a five issue miniseries, is slated to reach stores in June.

Love the Puppet Angel cover, very funny! :)

The artwork looks very nice indeed. I'm definately going to pick this up, both in comic and the inevitable (hopefully) trade format. If this was from a larger publisher i would probably just wait for the trade to come out but i think it is important to support the original comic as well, that way there is much more chance that further series will appear.
There's a rumour going round that Peter David will be doing a Spike one-shot in August. Artwork for the Angel issue looks pretty darn good.
Peter David, one of the greatest comic book writers of the last two decades, writing a comic featuring the greatest television character of all time?

This is good news!
Well we'll have to wait and see. It is still a rumour after all. But if you combine the rumour that IDW are looking for big name comic writers for the Angel comics books with the other rumour that Peter David is apparently going to move his creator owned "Fallen Angel" from DC to IDW, then the Spike one-shot could well very happen.
That Puppet Angel cover is awesome. For that alone I'll buy at least the first issue of this. Interior art's nice too. So far what we see seems very been-there-done-that (vamps impaled on branches, check. Hero-shot of Angel letting loose his wrist-stakes, check), but I'll wait for dialogue to be added before getting any more critical than that.
I like that artwork. Thanks for the information on the possible Spike one-shot,Simon - interesting. I don't know that much about comics really, but I've heard of Peter David.
The plot synopsis sounds like an episode of the A-Team ;)
Never in my life have I purchased a comic book, but that may change. ;)
I'm with killinj...I have never owned a comic book...never say never...
Okay, i have to admit that i gave up collecting comics myself a good few years ago, however ...

Killinj and Coll, you have never owned a comic book? Ever? That really surprises me. i've always considered comics to be a basic part of childhood. In fact i don't think any of my friends locally, male or female, completely missed out on the comic collecting thing. Some collected them a lot more regularly than others but pretty much everyone i know bought and read the odd comic now and again.

C'mon guys, you had to have bought at least one Spidey, X-Men or Superman book over the years surely?
Never owned a comic book? May I suggest you run, not walk, to your nearest and dearest comic store and pick up Fray?

I'll be waiting in line to pick up The Curse. I'll have to buy extra, so I can frame the Puppet Angel cover for my office. I'm intrigued with this storyline- can't wait to see what happens.
I owned one part of the death of Superman series. I don't know what happened to that book.
Yeah, I haven't purchase a comic book in over 30 years. Yet, that habit will soon change because I find several of the current storylines quite intriguing.
buy Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch first TPB's of The Authority. Great book :D
I'll have to get the Angel comics now. Arrgh! Another thing I have to start collecting. Rats!
The art looks MUCH bettern then I expected. This is perfect. When i checked out David Messina site I thought the art looked a bit too influenced by annimation, too clean-cut and "perfect". This lookes more "rough & rugged" and will be a nice match.

The Peter David rumor is news to me. Sounds very good and could be a brilliant match. David has dealt with lisenced properties and media tie-ins in the past, Star Treak books & comics, novelizations of Marvel movies, etc, etc. Has he not been awarded some quite sigiificant SF award for one of his novels?? If so more the better in terms of recognizing the value of Whendonverse propperties, right??
Chris Ryall confirmed further down the page that Peter David writing the Spike one shot is true...

"All you Spike fans, look for a one-shot in August, too, written by Peter David."
Thanks Jackal, I'll amend the subject line with this news.
SWEET! The artwork is AWESOME! I was so scared it was going to be the so-called artists who were doing the later Buffy run. I hated that style of drawing. There was no definition to it. This, however, looks impressive. I can't wait to buy it.
This preview looks awesome.
I hope i can get the TPB version in Spain.
Nice. I like the artwork. It captures the dark atmosphere of the Buffy/Angel verse a lot better than most Dark Horse artists did. (They generally didn't have a lot of great use of shadows, which is kind of important in these stories.)

The Peter David news is great! David is a big Buffy and Angel fan and has a similar sense of humor in his dialogue as Joss. I hope that Spike one-shot also takes place after Angel S5

The Smile Time cover is cute, but if he's not turning into the puppet inside, it's kind of misleading.

One thing though, they refer to the other cover as by Tim Bradstreet and call it 'photo realistic'. Isn't that just a photo cover though? I don't think that's art. Maybe that's what they mean, that he created a cover with photo manipulation but that's not 'photo realistic' that's just 'photo'. And frankly if it was art I think Angel would look more like he's actually standing in those woods. I mean, his surroundings are all of a blueish light, and his skin tone and everything doesn't look at all like that light hits him. It's all warm and orangy browns, like he's standing in a room with a lamp.
I agree with EdDantes the art work looks good but I am hoping the story is good as well. I don't see why they did not continue the Not Fade Away/season 5 story line. This hunting for the Gypsy's that cursed him does not seem to fit in with where Angel was as a character we last saw. He seemed to accept his fate and realized that the strength he has from being a vampire, and the soul, make him who he is and with out either he would not be able to make a difference in the world as much as he has. Maybe its me I just want to see where Joss was going with the story and hope that we get to see it in one form or another.
The Bradsheet cover is actually his own artwork and not a manipulation. Of course he's managed to draw it so much like an existing photo that they might as well have just used the photo.
Krall the Conqueror - I have a feeling this plot is actually set in the past. Not sure when, but it wouldn't make since to start this up with out closure to Not Fade Away.

When I was growing up I always made fun of my brother for being a comic book nerd. He was a DC guy. He probably had over a thousand. Now here I am pushing 30, and I just recently bought my first collection of comics (Joss's Tales of the Slayers and Fray series...also Jane Espenson's Haunted series). Let me just say, shame on me!!!! I have a whole new outlook on Joss's characters now. I can experience so much more. I'm all about the comics now. Way cool.

I believe that the mini-series is just about Angel trying to get the whole "true happiness" clause taken off of the curse. He's not actually trying to get rid of his soul or become human again. Just wants to be able to sleep with Buffy or whatever without turning all evil. I guess his reasoning would be that he deserves at least that much after being the big hero.

Doesn't seem too likely to me that the Gypsies'd help him, seeing as he killed Jenny and that dude from the Escape from Witch Mountain remake as recently as Buffy Season 2. But I suppose that's why he'll be defending the villagers from warlords or some such thing.

Oh, and although it might've made more sense, the story probably doesn't take place in the past. I think I remember the author saying so in an earlier interview. I know that the comic will reveal what happened to some of the characters after the finale. I hope it's a good series.
This will be my first comic book as well. I don't know where they sell comic books though..
I don't know where they sell comic books though..

In a comic book store. ;)

Failing that, though, many book stores like Borders are starting to sell the more popular comics. You can get Joss's Astonishing X-Men there, as well as many other titles. If you can't do it that way, there are many places online to purchase comics.

And I must recommend Joss's Astonishing X-Men and Fray to anyone who has never read comics. Even if you hate comics, those are going to please any fan of the man. AXM is like watching a Joss show: the characterizations, the pacing, the plotting, the thrills, the chills! Any of you on the fence about comics, pick up the trade, you don't need to really know much about the X-Men to get into it. You'll thank me, I swear!
Oh and Chris Ryall posted at the More Than Spike forums about the Spike one-shot and the first Angel mini-series. Some interesting new little tidbits.
Thanks for the link Simon, looks like stuff is planned. Good, good. They're starting off well as far as I can see.

The Bradsheet cover is actually his own artwork and not a manipulation. Of course he's managed to draw it so much like an existing photo that they might as well have just used the photo.

Hm yeah that's the type of photo realism I don't care for. The fact that it's art has no added value anymore then. And I'm really surprised he worked the color of the lighting as he did. It looks like Angel is standing in front of a poster of the woods rather than standin in the woods themselves. Or maybe he has his own floating spotlight.

As for the story, I think it's been confirmed it really takes place AFTER Not Fade Away. I agree it makes little sense for Angel to go try this now. He could have done it throughout the time of both shows and he never even entertained the idea. I don't mind it as a story set up, but I do hope they give SOME incentive as to what prompted him to go do this now.

I notice a lot of people act like comics are these weird things almost no one ever has seen or something. I know they're hardly as common as TV or other media, but really, it's just that: another form of media. You have all types of stories and genres just like on TV or in novels or at the movies. Granted, there's a lot of crap out there, but lets face it, 90% of TV, movies and books are also crap.

If you love Joss' stuff then yeah, all the comics he or other buffy writers have been involved with are probably good choices. Fray, X-Men, Tales...etc.
I'd rather it be that Angel was looking for a way to permanantly get rid of Angelus, as just going to get his happiness clause removed doesn't sound like the sort of thing Angel would do.
Good point, EdDantes. I was a comic book fan years ago when I was a pre-teen (is that a word?). Then, I just fell out of it....not sure why. Can't even remember what happened to all those comic books I collected. Anyway, I agree that the talent poured into this media is grossly unappreciative. The fact that Joss writes for comics is proof of this. I think it's an age issue. Older people may feel embarrassed being seen in front of the comic book section. It's your typical stereotype.

I've said before that I wished Joss had explored Angel's curse and his options in lifting it. There's so many storylines here and most of them have a very dark theme which would've made a wonderful story arc for the show. That's why I'm looking forward to this comic book.
Yea I know in a comic book store but I've never been to one and I've never seen one so I don't know where they are or if they exist where I live plus I've just never seen them sold in bookstores. I wish there were loser boys at my school. I could ask them...
p.s. The drawings look very good.
I wish there were loser boys at my school. I could ask them . . .

I'm assuming that's a joke, charisma. Otherwise, well, it *hurts*. So, a joke then . . .

And like dizzy pointed out, you can buy comic books online pretty easily. Apparently. I never have, but I'm sure it's easy. Specific sites, anyone?
Geez, charisma... insulting, much?

Comic art it a very valid and incredibly beautiful art form. If you get hooked on a good series, the story can make you weep, and laugh just as much as a tv show or movie. Sometimes more, because you can re-visit it whenever you want. Most people who read comics have a very discerning eye, and are definitely not simply "loser boys."

Don't be a media snob.
Amazon has the more popular trade books. But usually for comics I use Things From Another World. It's a pretty good place.
Not only have I never owned a comic book, but I've never known anyone else who did either. You know the girl in Buffy who disappeared because nobody noticed that she existed - that was me in school - except for the literally disappearing part. ;)
Comics are for loser boys? Well speaking as a girl ("loser" part subjective as always), I've been collecting comic books since I was about 8 years old. They're just as valid a media as any other entertainment format. There's a lot of tripe, no doubt, but then point me to anything where that statement doesn't apply. Being judgemental and looking only at stereotypes is never fun ... after all, wouldn't the mainstream world at large consider us all to be "loser geeks" for still obsessing about a show that started almost 10 years go, centering on a tiny blonde girl and vampires?

As for comic book shops online, I've never used, but that's because they're actually my in-person comic book store (so in that respect, I can vouch for them). When I need to order online, I usually turn to Midtown Comics.
killinj, where'ja go? Has anyone seen killinj?! Quick, call the National Guard! :)

Back to subject, there's plenty of on-line stores for comics. Just googled it and got about a zillion hits. I've been planning to buy the book version of Joss' X-Men. Is that available yet?
The whole "comics are for losers" thing has always amazed me. I mean i can only speak from personal experience here but i collected comics all the way through school and well into college (until the money ran out and food became more essential) and i was far from being a "loser". I was about as popular as a guy could be, never had a problem finding myself a date, and wasn't in any way geeky (as far as i know), i just collected comics because i enjoyed them, simple as that. Same goes for most of the people i knew then, all equally popular and well rounded individuals.

Y'know Charisma, there are people that might actually consider you a loser for watching a show like Buffy or Angel, or posting on the internet. Stereotypes can be so annoying, can't they! ;)
Ah, swimming in the familar dark waters of the "comics are for losers" pond again. As a grown woman (and a mother, no less), I am about as far away from the stereotypical comic buyer as you can get. But here's the thing: venture into a comic book store, and you'll see all types of people, and probably more than half are over 18.

Comics are not just for kids. Sure, there are comics for kids, just as there are books, movies and tv shows for kids. But many comics are examples of extraordinary art coupled with tight, exciting storytelling. People look down on them because they are perceived as childish, but I would tell those people to pick up the Pulitzer Prize-winning MAUS, or anything Eisner did (RIP), or for those of you here that are Joss fans, anything he has done. You might come to understand that comics are not just cartoons with word balloons, but a legitimate form of storytelling. That's all they are: another media. No better or worse than books, movies, or TV.

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Chris Ryall comments later on in the Newsarama thread:

and the rest of the cast, Illyria and Spike included, will be along in the next miniseries

Hmmm, no specific mention of Gunn, which would fall in line with the fact Joss has pretty much confirmed he dies in the alley.

I would really love to know exactly how "official" these stories will be. I keep hearing theories that they may be considered canon, unless a third show or movie eventually contradicts them, due to Joss' involvement.

Joss, if you are reading this, how about letting us know if you consider these to be in any way canon. I would definately think that sales of the series would go sky high if the Buffy/Angel fanbase knew for a fact this was how the story continued.
Just a guess on why Angel is only now trying to get that pesky "perfect happiness" clause removed: Before Spike got his soul, Angel wouldn't have known it was possible for a vampire to have a soul sans the "perfect happiness" bit.

And as Ghost Spike pointed out the sole motive probably wouldn't be just so he could boink Buffy, it would also permanently get rid of Angelus.

Either way, I don't think it matters all that much, because I have a feeling he isn't going to be all that successful in his quest.

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