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March 11 2005

Newsweek interview with Michelle Trachtenberg. Newsweek interviews Michelle about her upcoming film and whether or not she owes Sarah Michelle Gellar a kidney.

Is it just me, or does she sound kinda snotty?
I didn't get a snotty feeling from it. A little "prickly" on the SMG question, like she's heard it one too many times and wants some credit for earning the "Dawn" role.

Unlike Buffy, I'm not one for ice-skating movies, so I probably won't even see the movie, but it's nice MT's movie is getting some publicity and promotion. She was really good in BtVS and I hope she manages to make a successful career for herself.
I didn't think she came across as being 'snotty'. Confident, maybe, but she would need to be to do what she does. I didn't think her answer to the 'SMG' question was prickly. She simply stated it like it is. It probably is slightly irritating if people assume she only got the role because of SMG.

Her career does seem to be moving along nicely. She's very young and there are already indications that she is going to be the most successful of the 'Buffy' and 'Angel' casts. I must say I always thought she did a splendid job with Dawn, not the easiest of characters, and 'The Ice Princess' is probably a perfectly good film. I would be happy to sit down and watch it when the opportunity presents itself.
I agree with Rogue...she sounds snotty to me.
I didn't think she sounded snotty or prickly just very direct, which I like. I loved her as Dawn and hope she has a wonderful career in the future. I am probably going to see this, because Buffy and I both like movies about ice skating.
I didn't think she sounded snotty at all. Although, the question regarding Sarah was off-putting - not MT's answer - the question itself.

Please excuse the ignorance of an old-timer, but what does this mean?
I agree with sari. I'm sure she is sick to death of people assuming she got the Dawn role by knowing SMG. I loved Dawn, and I know there are some Dawn haters out there. I am so not one of them. She was great.
ooohhh, just to add.....I watched The Gift last night, and it reminded me how much of a talented actress MT is. That whole last scene with SMG and MT's dialouge, and the fall the death, and the music...gorgeous. God, I miss this show.
Personally I though the interviewer sounded condescending, which might explain the snarky answers. "Did you fall on your butt a lot?" I'd expect that from Nickleodeon, not Newsweek.
It's always difficult to judge what's being said without seeing the context and the tone in which it's said. Interviews like this are usually edited down from many more questions and it can change the spirit of what's being said.

From this and other interviews I think she's just a direct person who isn't afraid to speak her mind.
I agree with Chris Bridges... the interviewer sounds like a jerk, and she was simply not letting him patronize her.
Bless the stars when people read far too much into their comments. It's always best to give them the benefit of the doubt. I think that's the case here. Michelle is an outstanding actress and she has repeatedly been open with her appreciation towards SMG and Joss. Lets keep the facts and speculation in check please. After all, this isn't Buffy.fu ;)
And what was that about a kidney? They never explained that!
I think it was supposed to mean that Michelle should be so grateful for SMG "getting" her the job that she should donate her kidney to her. I agree that too much always seems to be read into these interviews without actually seeing how the questions and answers were delivered. It seems more to me that he was being a little condescending and wanted to lead her into answers. He could've asked, "I hear SMG recommended you for the job" and he may have gotten a different answer explaining that "Yes she did but I still had to audition for the part". The whole "she owes SMG her kidney" was way overboard.
Well, it would piss me off if someone suggested I only got a job because a friend recomended me rather than on talent. I have read a few quotes from Joss that suggest she got the role on pure talent, even to the point of changing the age of Dawn to suit Michelle.
Still a Dawn fan. Still a Michelle Trachtenberg fan. The interviewer was being snarky, and should be thankful Trachtenberg didn't punch him in the mouth. Whether she's snotty or not, I think she's entitled. She's been an actor since she was three. That's bound to make one a little snotty and "self-possessed." So?

My problem is I couldn't support Euro Trip, because it didn't really seem geared toward my interests. I still think she's a fine actress, but Euro Trip or whatever that was sounded like it was aimed for people much younger than me. Ice Princess might be interesting. I found myself enjoying the Salt Lake City Utah Olympics' Ice Skating competition a few years back, despite my initial impression that the whole thing was kinda girly. It's a difficult sport and worthy of attention. I might give this next film of hers a looksee.
When I saw the "kidney" line, I thought it was a reference to their playing sisters. A few years ago on Frasier there was a line during one of their farcial situations where Niles said something like "Frasier, you're my brother. I owe you my bone marrow and one of my kidneys, but this is an imposition." Even if that's it, though, in this context still obscure and not particularly funny.
I don't think she came off snotty at all. Honestly, she had a fairly substantial career before Buffy and is doing pretty darn well since.
I wouldn't see Eurotrip because I have issues with seeing "Dawnie" as a sex object, as well as it being not my kind of movie anyway.
But I will go see Ice Princess just to support her. She doesn't owe SMG anything. Her career before Buffy was more solid than SMG before Buffy in my opinion.
Well she may have got it on her own (which is cool), but still the fact that SMG recomended her had to help her get her foot in the door to even audition.

Little things like that can make a big difference.

So maybe not a kidney, but maybe a cookie. lol
Ditto with Xane on the sex object thing. A few years back when I first admitted to being a Dawn fan in the face of Dawn haters, their initial attack back was to accuse me of being physically attracted to her, and that just makes me shudder. She's young enough to be my daughter for crying out loud. That's just spooky.

Now, Amber Benson? That's a different story. Mee-yow! Admittedly, back when she was a toddler I was old enough to be her babysitter. That's still a little creepy; not quite as bad though.

To reiterate, Trachtenberg is a fine actress with plenty of experience and she's got a good enough head on her shoulders to do anything she puts her mind to doing. She doesn't owe SMG any more or less than any friend or business associate owes another. She didn't buy her way into Dawn or sleep her way to where she is. She worked and she worked hard. It pisses me off that any interviewer would even snidely accuse her otherwise.

Trachtenberg shoulda punched the maggot in the face. *smirk*
Well, being less than a decade older than her, and also knowing that she is now legal (although, in truth, she has been legal in this country since she was 16), i think i can safely say that i definately find Michelle physically attractive. If i'm honest the first time i saw her in that way was in that first graveyard scene in Lessons. It amazed me how much the girl had matured since the previous season finale. That was the first time she matched Sarah for onscreen presence in my opinion.

Nope, i could be all politically correct and try to pretend i'm simply a fan of her acting ability (which i actually also think improved massively in season seven) but why lie? The girl is a hottie! :)
Trachtenberg is a fine actress with plenty of experience and she's got a good enough head on her shoulders to do anything she puts her mind to doing. She doesn't owe SMG any more or less than any friend or business associate owes another. She didn't buy her way into Dawn or sleep her way to where she is. She worked and she worked hard. It pisses me off that any interviewer would even snidely accuse her otherwise.

ZachsMind, I could not agree with you more. Really well said.
I'm the same age as Michelle and I first thought she was "cute" way back in OMwF. Her dance moves were beautiful and I'm sure her history with ballet prepped her for "ice princess".

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