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March 11 2005

Audio interview with Anthony Stewart Head. He talks about his support for Comic Relief, his other charity work and his favourite comedy programmes.

There's a Comic Relief Day?

It was sweet when ASH made a point to say his daughters make him laugh. I thought the interviewer was mean when he asked ASH on the spot to entertain him. It could have been worse. Howard Stern would have asked ASH to cross dress on the radio and sing Sweet Transvestite.
Yeah, Comic Relief Day (or Red Nose Day) is today, lots of people do things (usually silly) during the day to raise money, and there's a show on all evening on the BBC where they show special shorts of comedy shows and music performances, and films showing what all the money goes toward, they have the phone number for donations on throughout the show so people'll call in. Anthony Head's been in it twice so far, once in Little Britain and again in My Family.
He's a stand-up guy.

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