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January 06 2003

(SPOILER) S7x11 "Showtime" Wildfeed summary. I heart David Fury.

"You wanna play Kevin Bacon?"

It's "showtime" but not a whole lot happened, did it? I watched it last night. Buffy kills the uebervamp in an exceedlingly boring fight. Giles continues to be NotReally!Giles. What is the point of having ASH's presence back on the show if he's going to be unrecognisable? Also... that last bit with Spike? Not a good camera angle on Spike... uncovers the complete
lack of chin.

On the plus side... Kennedy rocks. I'd take her over Buffy herself anytime. SMG's always been a little unbelievable as a action hero because she runs like a wimp and what with the silly high heels and all. Kennedy looks like she can throw a punch. Now if Molly could keep her trap shut I'm ok with the SITS. Anya and Giles together was a little sparkly... would be even better if Giles were his old self. But what was it with the excruciatingly bad editing in this episode (the alley scene with Ganya)? And the voiceovers? That wasn't SMG doing Buffy's voice.

On the shallow front: ASH looked positively edible in some shots.

Hope the next one is of "Selfless" quality.

Writing: B+
Execution: C-
I know what you mean about the voice over. I taped it from last night and watched it this afternoon. It most definitely isn't SMG speaking.

Funny thing though, I'm watching the version airing on UPN right now and it very much is SMG doing the voice over. I dunno if they changed it, or if I'm just not hearing things right.
Gotta agree w/ prolific: SMG can't fake running realistically. One thing I can never get out of my head is the end of Becoming Pt. 1, when Buffy does the prissy girl run to get to the library. Sh*t, man. I'm 6-6 and my run looks more realistic than SMG's ever could.
I didn't notice the voice in the flashback not being SMG's voice... In other words, I'm pretty sure it was her voice. Why would it not be? What sense would that make?

Come on, the fight with the Ubervamp rocked! I loved how Buffy killed it. We all cheered.

And while, yes, it'd be great if every episode were as good as "Selfless," that would only be possible if every episode were self-contained. Arc episodes, by nature of belonging to an arc, begin somewhat abruptly and end somewhat abruptly. I'm not complaining, because who would want a "Buffy" of all self-contained episodes? I swear by the belief that "Buffy" is meant as a long movie, not as episodic television -- and until an entire season can be watched as a long movie, final judgment must be withheld.

I hope this doesn't end up being posted twice. (It keeps happening to me, for some reason...)
delavagus: This is why i'm thinking they changed it, as I went back to my tape from monday's airing and it really, really isn't SMG. It sounds like a 40 year old woman.

Still, you're right, why whouldn't it be SMG? I can think of no reason other than last minute changes (i.e. the additiong of the flashback itself) for which they couldn't get SMG in to do her dubbing until after the wildfeed had been sent.

Though wildfeeds by their very definition are the source streams that all episodes are aired from throughout the week, so one would think they'd be the same.

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