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March 12 2005

Article on Doctor Who, with a strong Buffy influence. Buffy, Joss Whedon, and Anthony Stewart Head all merit mention and discussion in this article on Doctor Who.

Personally, I liked the new Who. In rewatching it I actually liked it better the second time, which is encouraging.
I liked it too! Looking very forward to upcoming new episodes...
(There is a mini-thread on it over in the flickr annex)

What exactly is Tony doing for the project? I am confused (but interested!)
If it's voice work, he would be a much better choice than Patrick Stewart IMHO.

I have an old copy of "The Five Doctors" on tape somewhere... will have to dig it out and rewatch it this weekend.

Too bad they opted out of HDTV for the new episodes!
Fans may remember rumors that had Buffy producer Joss Whedon being eyed to take over the re-launch of the series.

Eh? Anyone remember this rumour? I don't. I do remember that David Fury was linked with the new Doctor Who a couple of years back.
Don't remember that either, Simon. More than likely it was one of those "rumours" that started with a fan's comment on a posting board that Joss would be a good choice to make the new Doctor Who show. Everyone knows that if something is mentioned in passing on the internet it automatically becomes a fact within the hour.
Warlock, If thats the case...

I Wish!
Hehe, well hopefully you noted the sarcasm in my last comment (i always forget that there actually is a sarcasm font here at Whedonesque, ah well) but i really wish it was that easy to make a new spinoff happen, especially the one you suggest there, believe me.
More Buffy/Joss infuence quoted here, about half way through the article where he says:
"Good Writing Good. That's the most important thing in that wonderful show. It showed the whole world, and an entire, sprawling industry, that writing monsters and demons and end-of-the-world isn't hack-work, it can challenge the best. Joss Whedon raised the bar for every writer - not just genre/niche writers, but every single one of us."

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Simon, I do remember the "Whedon to do Who" rumour -- I think it was kicking around on the BBC Cult chatboard about a year ago.

I haven't seen "Rose" yet as I haven't a clue how to download anything or play it! There was an excerpt on "Richard & Judy" the other day, though, and it looked good.
JudithS, regarding the rumour, was this something that began at the BBC board (which would make sense due to the heavy presence of Buffy and Doctor Who fans that posted there) or do you know if it had a more solid foundation?

Just a guess but it sounds to me like it could have all been merely fan speculation.
The BBC seemed to have had their fingers burnt in the co-production experience in the McGann Doctor one off so I can't see them going down that route again. And I can't see Joss moving to the UK and trying to work with the pace of UK production ("Excellent take chaps! Lets break for a spot of lunch. Everyone be back in three hours, we may even get a couple more takes done before we all go home at five!")
Warlock, I think the rumour was some Board contributor repeating something they'd read somewhere else. At the time, it seemed credible to me but perhaps it was just Chinese whispers: Someone misunderstanding something, adding their own twist and passing it on. Ah, how I miss that board... 13-year-olds posting "Spike iz phit" add nauseum... ;)
JudithS - if it was only 13-year olds it wouldn't be so bad!

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