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March 13 2005

Fangoria has some additional info on SMG's Revolver. New info about the cast and plotline. Film now "untitled" until a new title is announced.

Man that's an old stock picture of her, isn't it? Doesn't Fangoria ever update their files?

Woah. SMG is in Austin? Like right now?? That's about five hours drive from my house. Not that I'm interested in joining the paparazzi in stalking her or anything. She's like married and, ..ew thin. Bleargh. Besides I haven't said very nice things about SMG in the past here in Whedonesque, and if she ever got wind of that, I just don't wanna git *that* look from her, y'know? I shiver just to think about it.

I'm a big Whedon fan, and a big Buffy fan, but not all that much of an SMG fan, artistically speaking. She may prove me wrong with Revolver. I hope to God she does. I hope history records that her best work came after Buffy. Still waiting on that. Heck, she may prove me wrong with Grudge. Haven't seen Grudge yet. It's on my list at NetFlix, but NetFlix also says I'm gonna give it two outta five stars, and many critics have said little to nothing positive about SMG's acting ability in Grudge.

I may actually go to the theater to see Revolver. I like supporting films that use Texas for shooting locations. I'll never forgive X-Files the movie for using Canada to mimic Texas. Dallas looks NOTHING like that, m'kay?

As for their picking a town other than Dallas to shoot Revolver, Austin's a great town, don't git me wrong. SLACKERS was filmed there. What I don't understand is we got a whole studio place called Los Colinas just outside Dallas which was originally designed, among other things, to be the next Hollywood. I don't mean in that Branson Missouri kinda way. Oliver Stone did two of his bigger films here. Part of Independence Day was filmed here, as were Robocop, Silkwood, Necessary Roughness.. uhm The Zapruder Film.. And y'know. Dozens of others.. But then Chuck Norris' Walker Texas Ranger was done here too. We may never live that one down.

This plot for Revolver sounds intriguing. I'm sanguine.
I think she is capable of great acting, and has shown that time and again in Buffy. Of course, great writing and direction help.

And re the thinness, she looks great in recent pictures. And if she reads every posting board on the net and makes note of everyone who's said bad things about her... That's what happened at the end of Jay And Silent Bob!
Sounds cool! I Look forward to seeing more.
wow, Kate Beahan is in this movie too? They've got a real affection for the Australians..
Yes ZZ9. We can certainly assume she doesn't read Whedonesque. It is easier for me to be dead honest about my opinions of her with the belief that she's in California or Japan, and would never in a million years know my opinion, and care even less if she did. Also fortunately for me, Texas is a VERY large state.

I don't mean to insinuate I find her a terrible actress. Gellar is an excellent stage combatant, and a ..competent ingenue. Her sense of comic timing is ..formidable. However, she's never shaken her soap operatic roots. There were times when the role of Buffy would require something real, and what I'd see instead would be either melodrama, or something vaguely resembling a comatose state, but hey she's making millions of dollars a year and I can't even buy a laptop. Those who can't do, kibitz. Such is life. I think Nicole Kidman sucks, so what do I know? Nothing. My opinion and a few bucks'll gitcha coffee at Starbucks.

Whew. Thank God for Austin. Flew right on past Dallas and landed way over there. I'm a lucky guy. SMG's a black belt y'know. She could kick my ass!

[ edited by ZachsMind on 2005-03-14 00:07 ]
"We can certainly assume she doesn't read Whedonesque"

We can only assume she probably doesn't read Whedonesque

She has visted SMGFAN in the past ,though not posted, and she mentioned in a recent interview that most of the facts on IMDB about her are incorrect suggesting she may have visited it
Let's try to keep this comment thread from straying too far off topic.
zm, eloquent as usual, sufficient to say I can understand why they use that photo old or not cause I like it and I dont agree with your critique of SMG's acting, she did Buffy well, extremely well in many episodes.

Not wanting to step on moderator toes but to make the assumption that someone doesn't read Whedonesque doesn't work since Whedonesque is so widely read and quoted within the Buffy fandom, you never know who will read what you write. That only means that you should think before you post, but zm thats not news to you :)
I often think too much, hence the name. =)
ZM, thinking is always to the good, critisizing the stellar Gellar she who doesn't get her feet wet when she walks on water, not so much :)
I am surprised that you haven't seen The Grudge in theaters, rushed to the local store to buy your DVD and eagerly await the release of the uncut DVD version rumoured to come in June, after all Sony corporation needs your money so much more than you do.
( Sorry had to try the color )

Glad to hear that you are going to enjoy the Texas scenery in this film anyway, the rest of the film seems to have some possibilities as well, lets hope for the best.

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it was said earlier that there has been no praise for SMG's performance in the grudge. well, that was a movie that was never going to get her an oscar to begin with, as all she had to do was be scared. and she did a good job of that, which is why i love her. i cant wait to see this movie.
I'm not the best judge of these things (too subjective by far), but I thought Gellar's performance in 'The Grudge' was excellent, a lot better than many reviews have suggested. The fact that she didn't barnstorm her way through the film, but instead gave exactly the performance that the role demanded, strikes me as the sign of an actor confident of her own abilities. I thought it was a superb film, but this does seem to be a minority view.
I will probably find myself using Jamie Lee Curtis' performance in Halloween as the benchmark for SMG in Grudge. I enjoyed Curtis' work in Halloween. I found it competently believable and while a bit over the top in a couple places particularly at the end, predominantly her performance is one that walks the fine line in horror films between melodrama and satire. Go too far one way, the actress turns the film into a bad B movie. Go too far the other way, you get a Scream sequel; or rather, a bad B movie that knows it's bad despite spending millions of dollars to be A grade. If one compares Donald Pleasant's more melodramatic performance in Halloween to Curtis' in-the-moment realistic portrayal, hopefully you'd see the subtle difference to which I refer. Not that Pleasant did a bad job. Far from it, but he was a bit too sweaty and Shatner-like in that film for my taste. You could drive a truck through some of his pauses.

Jamie Lee Curtis is the role model for all scream queens for the past 25 years, give or take. If SMG can dance that fine line, I'll be more than happy to eat my words. I'm hoping to get the DVD from NetFlix in a few days.

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