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January 06 2003

Joss Whedon on his first-ever comic-book endeavor -- Fray. Joss speaks about Fray, a comic set in a Buffy-verse post-apocalyptic future. There is also a link to a good extended interview and other info about the comic on the left sidebar.

Under the preview of the comic, press "Next" to see more screenshots of the comic's first issue's pages.

Hopefully, the final two issues will come out this year and it'll be collected in a trade paperback.

[ edited by Simon on 2003-01-06 18:46 ]
I edited this post to make it a bit more timeless since the articles are a bit old and there's only two more comics to go.
Thanks, prolific -- my first post. I hadn't read much about the comics side of Joss, so it was new to me.

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