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March 14 2005

X-Men 3 Director named - Not Whedon. Matthew Vaughn, best of luck to him.

I wish him the best of luck. I also heard there's a second version of the script in development, so hopefully he'll have enough good material to work with.
Well he's got big shoes to fill so best of luck. And whilst it's a shame Joss didnt get the job, at least we don't have to put up with any more "Joss to direct X-Men 3?" speculative articles at Whedonesque.

And if any one wants to know how this all started, well personally I cite this Cinescape poll. All the rumours progressed from that. Amazing what an internet poll can do, isn't it?
Well, I didn't have much hope left so I'm not that surprised. Still it's dissappointing to see it confirmed. And I do applaud studios giving smaller directors bigger chances lately. Peter Jackson on LotR, (he was no beginner, but hardly a 'big name'), Sam Raimi on Spiderman, (a cult favorite, but not really known for huge blockbusters and franchises), Bryan Singer on X-Men (outside of Usual Suspects, also not top of the heap) etc etc. And most have been very succesful, proving to have been the right choices.

Still, with the 'barbershop' guy on Fantastic Four, and now this guy with not just only one movie of note, but one movie *period* as a director's credit on his belt, I have to worry a teensy bit if this isn't also a little bit about saving money on a cheap director so more of the budget can go to actors of name and special effects.

Time will tell. I wish him good luck and hopefully he'll churn out a great X3. (I prefer my pessimistic side to be proven wrong, because that means a good movie I'll enjoy watching)
I wish Joss would please stop polishing Serenity for a moment and give us a hint what is next for him. The BDM is so far away (even further if you live in the UK) and now that the Angel season 5 DVDs are out I am starting to feel somewhere between sad and wanting to throw a tantrum nothing new to look forward to. Stomps feet. Definitely part of the I want it now, Me, Me, Me generation.

Honestly, why doesnt the whole world revolve around getting more of His Jossness on the screen? Its just not right.

Sorry, Im having a really whiny moment.

EdDantes, dont forget Paul Greengrass on the Bourne Supremacy. He did a great job with what was quite pedestrian material IMHO. New guys can bring a really fresh perspective, so lets hope for the best.
I have to admit i'm feeling the same way as Miranda. Don't get me wrong, i'm looking forward to Serenity just as much as the next Firefly fan, but at the end of the day, no matter how good it turns out to be, it is still just one movie. Ninety minutes or so of Whedony goodness is always something to look forward to but if that is all we are getting this year then i would at least like to know that we have something to look forward to soon afterwards.

Personally i'm not much of a comic collector anymore so his Astonishing X-Men work is neither here or there to me. All i've been reading recently is what a friend of mine passes in my direction and AXM hasn't been among them. I will be getting the Angel comic books myself but he only has a supervisory role in them at best. As for Wonder Woman, well i was never a DC fan in the past and i can't say that i'm too excited about the prospect of the movie. I'll watch it when it comes out no doubt but it is hardly keeping me awake at night with excitement.

Basically, with the exception of Serenity, i'm looking at a very Joss-lite period ahead so it would be great to know what Joss intends to do in the next year or so. Especially if that might include a change of heart regarding a return to the slayerverse.
I share the pain with Miranda and Warlock.

I used to think the wait between seasons was too long. But now, even if Joss works steadily in movies, it's going to be a year between projects at best. I don't want to sound selfish, because I know writing and directing movies is something Joss wants to do, but I miss my weekly fix.

Frankly, I don't even care what he does. Serenity II, Slayerverse, a movie about mimes learning to clog dance, whatever. Just wish I had something to look forward to after Serenity and AXM.

Give it up, Joss! We won't tell anyone what you're working on. ;)
I really enjoyed Layer Cake, so this is good news to me. It would've been nice to see Joss make an X-Men movie, but it's no big deal at this point. Vaughn is a classy lil' guy, and I think he could do neat things with an X-Men movie.
Haven't seen Layer Cake, but I am intriuged.

Does this mean that we may have Joss doing Wonder Woman?

(smiles hopefully)
So basically everyone's in agreement, tv is better for us Joss fans then his film work, I'm glad he didn't get X3, we need more slayerverse on tv. Films take ages, life is short, I'm selfish, tv is better, less waiting time, more fun, more stories, more episodes!!
I want to see him do more movies. We had 8 years of Joss TV, we were very fortunate in that respect. Let him try his hand at something new on the silver screen for a few years.
We get an X-men 3. That is all I care about.
Granted Joss directing would have been like the lovely chocolate syrup and a cherry on top.
I dont know this man, but reading the CHUD interview, seems that his first movie was good. So.. i hope all the X-cast will come back, and well get a very good movie, like the previous two.

But im sad, i want Joss Whedon to do the job :(

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I think that saying "everyone's in agreement" may be going a little too far, SeanValen. I mean, personally i'm with you obviously. For me movies are good, television is better. Sure i'd rather have quality over quantity but with Joss i've become used to getting both quality and quantity. Basically he has spoilt us, hehe.

I honestly can't see why there can't be both though. I mean Joss was willing to have three different twenty two episode a year shows running concurrently. Surely therefore doing a movie or two a year would not preclude him having at least television show on the go at the same time.

I don't know, i guess i've just become used to Workaholic Action Figure Joss and i'm being unfair in not expecting him to want a little downtime these days. I won't pretend that i don't want to see a new slayer type show happen as soon as possible but at the same time it should be when Joss is ready and willing. In the meantime i just hope he gets to make a movie that is his own creation again, like Serenity, rather than work on existing properties like X-Men or Wonder Woman, because no matter how good he is at doing those, i'll always look forward to seeing his own creations that little bit more.
Personally, I am a little disappointed, as I think it could have been a great move for Joss. There would be no way of it not working out- the first two films were good, the cast is strong, the production values are massive, and as we all know, Joss is a creative genius and X-Men fan, so the film itself would have been great which would have kept both X-Men and Joss fans happy while it would also have opened a lot of doors for Joss.

However, this is not his only chance. Serenity is a massive opportunity and I think it will be successful. The series, although prematurely cancelled, sold very strongly on DVD (strong enough to have Universal buy the film rights!), was creatively unique and interesting, had a great and pretty unknown cast, and Joss behind it.

The film, therefore, already has a lot of support from the studio. Joss will be pulling out all the stops because it is his baby and he is extremely passionate about making it a great film. The production values will be much higher than those of the TV series. The cast will benefit from being largely unknown by a mainstream audience, just look at the Desperate Housewives, who have become well known based on the strength of half a season of a great show. All this will combine to make an amazing film which will benefit all of us fans.

Also, if the film is as successful as I hope, there could be a trilogy, and it would also open the possibility of future Buffy/Angel films. I know people haven't discussed it too much, but if Joss was able to pull this off it would inspire more confidence in him to make an even bigger hit film from one of his other two series which were much more firmly established than Firefly was. Even if it doesn't lead instantly to a B/A film, it could open up other big projects to Joss which would also give him the fame and money required to fund more B/A/F films or TV specials.

And Wonderwoman could be a possibility. I am a little more reluctant about it though, as I can imagine it going down the Catwoman path. If Joss is at the helm I don't think it will though.
While it would have been great if Joss had done X3 based on what he has done with Astonishing X-Men it would have been nice to see on the big screen. Maybe Joss will have some time to do something, anything in the Buffyverse. Please don't make me beg Joss. OK I am begging.
Okay, on the plus side.. more time off to work on a t.v. show! Wheeeee.
It's okay that Joss isn't doing it. I'd rather see Joss' original ideas anyway. And we can see what he'd do with the X-Men in Astonishing. But I'm like Miranda and everyone in wanting to know what other irons Joss has in the fire.
Re: experience of Matthew Vaughn:

- Singer had only two "big-budget" films to his name before taking on the X-Men movies. Admittedly, one of them was The Usual Suspects, which buys you a hell of a lot of cred in my book.

- Vaughn has been involved as producer in a number of Guy Ritchie's films -- though "producer" is an ambigous title.

P.S. If he can avoid the Guy Ritchie fast-forward digital effects in X-Men 3, I'd appreciate it.

P.P.S. If you can't cast Vinnie Jones as a mutant, God help you.

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I wanna see Joss Whedon direct something where a group of young people in modern day are like superheroes only because of their courage within and not dorky costumes.

Oh wait. He already did that! Well, whaddaya know! =) X-Men 3 would have been a step backward in Whedon's career I think. To my reckoning, it's a good thing the rumors proved false.
*pout* I was all for the Whedon X3. I was always a Marvel fan (couldn't care less about DC, frankly, so I would ONLY see Wonder Woman because of Joss), I love what he's doing with the Xmen now, and I love all of his work. I wanted him to take over, rewrite the whole script and then film it. And if certain Xmen star actresses were pissy about it he could kill their characters off or deprive them of amusing lines. The man knows how to run a set.

I want him to do his original ideas, but frankly I am not on the edge of my seat waiting for a new tv show or any Buffyverse movies. I'd rather he breathe new life into an already brilliant idea than limit himself to the one concept. I want NEW whedon. And I'd love to see him become a prolific screenwriter/director. TV was never my favorite medium, and it is a great credit to Joss that I love his work DESPITE the medium.

Do we really trust CHUD? I will pout and deny until Joss himself congratulates the new guy. *pout*
I agree with Simon. I'll be thrilled with whatever he choses to do and if it's movies he's interested in doing now then I'll go and see them. I'd hate to seem him go back to tv because things didn't work out in Hollywood and he felt he had no choice. I'd rather see him be hugely successful with Serenity 1,2 & 3 (and Wonder Woman if he is doing that) and any other movies he wants to do. If he wants to come back to TV land that will be just icing on the cake.

But I just mostly wish him the greatest success. We all know how fantastic he is and it's time the world knew it too! Here's hoping Serenity is his stepping stone to bigger and better things!
well Joss had said (last August) that he would not direct a script he hadn't written...
so I was surprised anyone still thought he might do X-men.
Joss also said (last October)that he was working on a totally new script -
not based on anything he has ever done before -
so maybe he'll end up selling that to a studio.
I'm pretty sure Joss Whedon can find things he wants to do.
I wonder how much of the speculation that Joss would be directing X3 (and Wonder Woman, for that matter) is actually real and how much is just fake online rumors. I haven't seen Layer Cake, but it seems like this Matthew Vaughn fellow doesn't have any more experience directing movies than Joss and no name recognition to movie goes.

I believe one of the key problem is that with most big budget films now, the studio execs want directors that do what their told and make cookie-cutter movies designed to appeal to the masses and that are re-edited at the whims of test audiences. It isn't like our Joss to make films like that, and I can see producers and studios unwilling to trust him with a 100 million dollar movie. Not saying that that's right, but I think that might be the problem Joss is facing, especially doing these superhero films.
Anything - just f#*king anything - by Joss . I don't care if its ads for haemorrhoid (sp) suppositories. Just f@#king something !!!!!!!!!!!
I'm happy if Joss didn't want to do it, and I'm sad if he did. Wonder Woman would be cool. He kind of has that girl power down, and the movie I'm sure would make a lasting impression on people. I still want a slayerverse something. Yes, call me selfish. I don't care. I'm with Warlock when it comes down to what Joss can do. Hello...3 series at one time. He can totally tackle a movie AND a series. Maybe right now he is just focussing on getting Serenity all pretty and having warm and fuzzy moments with family. I'm a new mother, I can relate. Joss, if you are reading this we would love an update.
Mixed feelings on this one. A Joss-directed X3 would have been great and I don't think anyone will be able to do the whole Dark Phoenix thing quite the way he would have done it. He would also have been great at bringing out the more marginalised characters and giving them a bit of life. However, on the plus side, maybe he'll now be available to do a Faith spin-off series (assuming Eliza Dushku would be up for it) which is what I would love above all things. Wonder Woman I can't seem to get all that excited about but I'm sure the Jossmeister do something interesting with it.
I'm too excited about Serenity to worry about any new Joss projects being announced. Maybe once I've seen Serenity, I'll feel the void, but until then? There're plenty of creators out there in TV and film who're just as talented as Joss to watch out for. Or to be more accurate, talented in other genres. It's hard to find good fantasy & sci-fi, I'll say that much for him. But the ability to write believable, snappy dialogue and hire incredible actors isn't a skill solely owned by Joss. Not by a longshot. My best-ever-writer/director/creator spot is constantly changing and occupied by tied names, I've got my fingers in so many movie/TV pots.
Well, although I would love to see future Joss B/A projects, I do think it would also be great for him to take on new, unrelated projects.

It's sort of Catch 22, I think it is a good idea for Joss to rest and work on other ideas in order to rejuvenate himself creatively towards B/A, however I think the problem is that B/A projects would need to be undertaken within the next few years, as although us true fans will be interested, a lot of the casual audience the shows had built and even the general public's awareness of the verse's existance would have decreased. Plus, the vampire characters might be a little unrealistic as the actors playing them age. So in those respects it is better to strike sooner rather than later.

I also find it strange that David Boreanaz has stated he would only be interested in Angel if it were taken to another level, presumably he is talking about feature films. But although that would still be better than nothing, and it would have its advantages, such as a bigger budget and a greater likelihood of more people taking notice of a successful film rather than a TV show. As we have seen with cult films like Donnie Darko, word of mouth can open them to a much wider audience.

However, part of the problem with feature films is that the character development is limited to a couple of hours. That could be considered merely a challenge, but one of the main strengths of Whedon-verse shows is their long term development over many seasons, and films just don't have that. So in many ways what Boreanaz might view as a progression would be more than likely a regression, an inferior form of the TV series. I still think it would be good exposure and open up further chances of the show being resurrected in other forms, but in general it would be very hard to match the storytelling quality of the show itself.

Although I do think that there is little point in returning to either show in any form unless there are exciting stories to tell. I have faith in Joss and his vision that he would make them worthwhile, but there is the possibility of B/A returning in some form and really having nothing to achieve. Both shows ended on excellent form and unless a new incarnation of B/A could match that it would be pointless. But I think if anyone could do it, Joss can.

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