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March 15 2005

Clips of Joss and Serenity cast at last month's WonderCon. Eeeek! The official movie site finally has some video clips up (reg req). Very funny material, go watch it and enjoy.

Various media formats, various sizes, all of the same clip.

"Joss is boss", can we get that on a t-shirt?

omigod... I'm *in* the clip!!!! That's me at the tail end with the little hair flip. It's all of one second, but I'm in the official clip!!!!! wohoo! ROFL!

oh, and uh the rest of it was kinda interesting too. ;)
That was a cool clip, shame it isn't the whole thing though.

So looking forward to this movie, I'm gonna be a mess the week leading up to it, probably get sent to wait at the theater on about the 28th 'cos I'll be bugging the hell out of everyone.

I liked his comment about how if enough people see it they get to make another one.
Joss is Boss Yep, I like it. Less likely to offend those who are unwilling to admit that Joss is god. ;-)
Was that "Serenity" on Adam's shirt?
The video was taking too long to download so I settled for the audio. It was fun to listen to it. Too short though. Made me wish I was at the con. "Joss is Boss" T-shirts would be a cool thing.
They are as charming and funny as ever, just too bad that it's not the whole thing... Is it transcribed somewhere?
OK, I'm an idiot I guess. I've signed up and everything, but I can't find the link on the webpage. Can somebody help my sleep deprived brain?
Harmalicious: Just follow Simons link and choose a format and size ...

And: Where's the frickin' trailer? Grr, Argh ...
The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy is supposed to have Serenity's first full trailer attached but I wish they'd upload a quality Quicktime version of the ComicCon trailer in the meantime.
I hoping the ComicCon trailer will end up on the DVD (maybe as an Easter Egg?).
I'd prefer a "Joss is God" tee-shirt but "Joss is boss" works too.
Hè, can't you do that at whedonesque ? tee-shirts ? It's not so expensive to make and I'm sure many people would like to have Joss tee-shirt ! (websites like

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That was a very cool clip, of course it's once again made me need to see Serenity and then I realise how long I've still got left to wait.
Paul_Rocks, just remember how very long it will be till the sequel. That may make the wait a little better.
Lioness: Yes, Adam's T-shirt said "Ningjing" (tranquil, peaceful), which is also on the official movie logo as "Serenity."

I'd like to see a picture of lots of fans wearing "Joss is Boss" T-shirts next to Joss and his son--who's wearing a "Joss's Boss" T-shirt.
Lioness, I'm not sure that's made it better, possibly worse but thanks for the effort :)

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