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March 15 2005

(SPOILER) E! Online's Kristin loves 'Cool Money'. She praises James Marsters' TV movie and says he's up for leading man roles (spoilers for Lost and other shows in this chat transcript).

I've slightly reworded your title and subject line to make it flow a little bit better.
I thought the trailer for “Cool Money” made it look more lighthearted and fun than most other “based on actual events” TV movies and the fact that Kristen mentions that it’s fast- paced and well-written *before* she adds how yummy she thinks James is has to mean something. I loved him as Spike, too, but I think that makes me appreciate it all the more when he plays a human being/regular guy. You see the character and the actor first instead of the initial impression from the hair or the leather coat or the cheekbones.
I wonder what “very big leading-man type roles” he’s up for? Hopefully they are in more independent minded projects. I’ve always viewed him as more of a character actor because those roles are usually the most interesting, but if a 40+ year old actor is in some sort of demand in Hollywood these days, good for him. Maybe he can show the vapid popular kids how it’s done.
I'll be mugging the postman some time next week for my tape of this ( praise be for American friends).I'm Really looking forward to seeing James in another new role and I have my fingers, toes and elbows crossed for a long, successful and happy career for him. If talent counts for anything he'll be fine.
James appeals to all age groups and he definitely has the acting chops and looks. I was personally hoping for the DRESDEN FILES but that project seems to be on hold. (and doesn't that latest book cover look exactly like James?)
I'm looking forward to this, and I hope it's as good as Kristin says. Good for JM -- well deserved success -- and I hope he really does land a big leading-man role. I'll be there in line or in front of the TV for anything he does. (Of course, I've done the same for most of the other Buffy, Angel, and Firefly actors, but JM is always a little more special to me.)
There are so many male actors over 40 who are extremely successful that I still find it a bit jarring everytime age is brought up in relation to James. It tends to be more of a factor for women in the industry than men - although more women are breaking that barrier. I still run into people who are shocked to discover his age because he doesn't look it at all. Believe me, if the 40-something (or even the 30 something) men around here looked anywhere near as good as James I'd be in single gal paradise. So, we've got a good-looking actor who has more talent in his pinky than most other actors on TV. If that's not enough to keep him working, then the Apolcalypse must be coming sooner than we thought.
When did you expect me? :)
I just pray that this film is really good and James gives an outstanding performance. He DOES have more talent in his pinky than most of the main stream actors on TV today...and as far as good looks go...he wins hands down. The guy is aging very gracefully and he just has this way about him that is so sexy, yet endearing as well. Maybe this will be just the start of some VERY good things for James. God knows he deserves it.....
And hey...who knows...if he lands a sexy leading man role at 42...then I have no doubt he can still reprise Spike at some time if lady luck and the good Lord smile on us. Personally I think he can do Spike for a long time still, but even more if they shanshu him....just saying....

Right now though...I'll take all the James I can get because boy have I missed him....
It’s been proven that James appeals to all age groups—at least in the Whedonverse. I didn’t mean to imply that his chance at greater success outside of the ‘verse depends on how old he is (about which I say: Who cares? It’s just a number and he’ll be a dreamy honeyboat no matter what his age). It has also been proven that youth-obsessed Hollywood loves the young ones, now more than ever it seems. The very successful leading man actors who are over 40 now started on the road to superstardom when they were younger and, luckily for some of them, their audience aged along with them and accepted the fact that a few lines on the face don’t make you less attractive or appealing. I don’t quite know if it’s a compliment to say someone doesn’t look their age because that gives the impression that it *is* better to be younger, or at least look it. James is astonishingly talented, but that doesn’t always equal success. I imagine him being a bit confusing to audition because I feel he could do anything and that might stymie the suits as to what to do with him. He really deserves to have his gift shared with bigger audience and I really hope that happens.
I feel like James has been "on the road to superstardom" for quite awhile, but that's probably my Whedonverse bias talking. However, I do recall many actors not being comfortable with the idea that they "just came out of nowhere" when they finally acheived stardom because many of them started in the theatre like James, so while they didn't have fame in their 20's they still achieved success. I know talent doesn't guarantee success, but James has a lot going for him and I'm confident it will happen. Besides, I'm not sure "superstardom" is necessarily what he wants so much as to be a working actor with good material and no financial worries. There are plenty of actors who aren't necessarily household names who make a fine living for themselves.
I think James will do alright. He's probably never play another character that brought him recognition like Spike did and I don't think he'll ever have leading man status in major movies. But I can see him doing very well as a character actor and getting a few critically acclaimed roles in indie films.
“I do recall many actors not being comfortable with the idea that they "just came out of nowhere"

I know what you mean. It sometimes happens to actors who have been working and earning a living in B-movies or on a series and by some luck of the draw, they are in a hit and their opportunities increase. Or, like James, they were successful in the theatre but worried about their financial future. He’s been in the successful series as well, but in the scheme of things I think he probably still seems new. It always surprises me when an actor has made enough to go back to the theatre (if they so choose) and that it is sometimes viewed as a step backwards because they are “out of sight out of mind” from all the Hollywood hoopla unless they are a star making a Broadway debut. Think of how many people watch the Academy Awards and don’t watch the Tony Awards. I can’t know what’s in his heart, but I don’t think superstardom would make him happy either. He probably has enough trouble trying to maintain a private life and it would make me ill to see him on a tabloid cover or in gossip columns. He’s an actor, not a celebrity. I wish him enough success to be thought of for quality work or get Macbeth made one day, but not so much that he can’t fly under the plastic publicity machine. What was this about again? Oh yeah, “Cool Money” on Saturday. Two hours of James. Yippee!
I don't know if I agree about his not being a leading man. His talents may be those of a character actor, but his cult status is pretty unusual. We don't notice, because we're pretty used to it, but he really has a large cult following. It pops up too, wherever Buffy and Angel pop up. I recently read a post by a woman in Hungary who wrote of the big reaction there to James/Spike. Women of all ages and backgrounds don't just like him, they are obsessed. So even if the part he plays isn't the leading man, to the ladies he will probably be: the leading man. They might as well cast him as the leading man to begin with. It's pretty obvious that those in casting don't do the internet.
I think James sees himself as a character actor but I definitely think he could be the star of a tv series. He has a great range as an actor, onscreen charisma and is a hard worker. I look forward to seeing him on my television screen on a weekly basis very soon!

The only thing "preventing" JM from being a big name in theatrical films is his age simply because Hollywood has never been more youth-oriented and the kind of movies that require a lot of talent aren't being made that often anymore. Both Clint Eastwood and Charles Bronson are two screen legends who became stars later in their lives.
Kristin's excited, I'm excited.. gosh, isn't this exciting?

As for JM's future, I don't think he'll ever have much trouble getting work. I wish him all the best, fingers crossed for brilliant roles in the future, but you never know what's going to happen in Hollywood. JM's talented and lovely and all, but so much is down to luck (and being in the right place, at the right time, with the right look) in the acting business. You never know what's going to happen.
I have high hopes that is will actually be a good quality movie. I am just so excited at the prospect of seeing something new, and decent, on the TV set with one of my Buffy-guys. James is extremely talented, and whether or not he ever truly is "a hit" in any mainstream way, he's sure to do just fine for himself. Even if he never did anything again, his body of work (and well, just his body period) as Spike is something he can be proud of forever.

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