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March 15 2005

James Marsters 'Civilized Man' Available for Order. You can pre-order now. Album available April 15th. There will also be an exclusive European variant album cover available for his UK tour.

Fricking shiny!

I can't order until I get gets really persnickety about ordering stuff online. Whatever. Like I should be *working* or something.

Can't wait to get home.
I really wish Time Machine Collectibles would setup a better shopping cart system (automatic; click what you want and it gets added to your cart), I'm always afraid I'll type in the wrong item number when I order from them and get the wrong thing or nothing at all!

Other than that, it was easy to order.

ETA: Oh yeah, Kattie? LOL. I feel kinda bad for whomever is the webmaster for his site, I'm sure they catch all kinds of Hell from fans but jeez, get it right! As a web designer myself, glaring mistakes on the web just irk me. It's not like a web page is written in stone, two second fix is all it takes...

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I've merged roadrunner's thread with yours and added the relevant info about the European variant cover to your subject line.
I saw James and his band play a song on Sharon Osbourne just after Angel was axed, And I thought it was quite good. If the material on this album is anything like that song, I'll have to check it out.
No problem, Simon - sorry, I didn't mean to be untidy. By the way, if you go to the homepage on jamesmarsterslive, there's a handy icon-sized version. Very considerate.
I think this will actually be better Daburcor, at least for my taste. The band he played with over-powered his voice. Now its him and his acoustic guitar - at least based on what he sang at Halloween.

Grace, I don't know for sure, but I don't think they have a professional webmaster per se, but rather his manager does the updates. They probably only had a designer to create a template for the look and feel of the site and he adds some text. If they did ever want to hire a web developer - the line starts behind me. LOL!
I'm not sure you're right, killinj, because Time Machine do work for a whole bunch of different celebrities, mainly selling their souvenirs.

Even if the manager sends updates, I don't think they'd be responsible for the layout, and if they can't spell you'd think someone at Time Machine would correct the typos.
Well, as I said, they probably had someone else create the "look and feel" of the site, i.e. the layout. I don't consider text updates to be layout. Also, wasn't the orginal design taken from, which was run by a fan and then taken over by those who operate it on behalf of JM? I forgive the mistakes if its done by a manager who my not be web savvy, if they're paying someone, then they should think about hiring a new webmaster. Whoever does the James Marster Live site does a better job.
Ah ha! The typo has been corrected. Wonder if they read Whedonesque too!
LOL. Maybe they do. More likely Himber was inundated with emails already!

Yes, actually the original design did come from but no idea where it went after that. I tend to think that Time Machine Collectibles actually updates it but that's just guessing.

"If they did ever want to hire a web developer - the line starts behind me. LOL!"
You'd be fighting for first spot with me! LOL.

Back to the album, I've already heard someone say that without his hair showing he looks very "Spike." I couldn't disagree more, he looks way too serene in that shot to be SPIKE!

I also agree killinj, the album will most likely sound better! The band always did overpower his voice and if it is acoustic as we're being lead to believe, it should be very nice indeed. I've heard a couple live recordings (very rough, illegal most likely) of just him and his guitar and he sounded very good despite the quality of the recording. I know his lyrics aren't from the deepest well you'll find, they're pretty straightforward - but he reminds me a teeny bit of Springsteen's style in both voice and lyrics when he isn't fighting the music.

Hopefully the album will come out when stated and folks won't have to wait too long. I've had to wait quite a bit for other items from TimeM and they weren't very good with email confirmations. Hopefully they've improved that since the last time I ordered.

eta: I've not received an email confirmation this time either.

[ edited by Grace on 2005-03-16 18:47 ]
Since the quality of the websites seems to vary so much for the different celebrities affiliated with Time Machine Collectibles, I just figured TimeM registered the domain, set up web space and provided a ordering system, which seems to be located on a different server. Whereas, the management for each star would hire someone to actually design and update the site. Or, maybe there's a service level agreement and the higher quality sites are simply paying more money for TimeM to maintain them. Whatever the case, I'm sure either of us could do a good job.
Aww. Isn't he pretty? *giggles like a big girlish girlie-girl*

I'm looking forward to JM's new projects quite a lot. 'Cool Money' looks good and (having heard 'Katie' before) I know his album has at least ONE kick-a*s song on it.

I'll be watching/listening avidly, for sure.
Is anyone here going to be at his UK album launch event in Coventry, by the way?

I was eying a pair of tickets (that're on eBay at the moment) but they're kind of expensive... but I suppose it's a special occasion, right? Gah, I dunno. The bidding's up to 165 already.. plus there'd be hotels and trains and foods to add on to that if I were to make a trip of it. Which would be awesome, of course. But we're talking, say, 400 quid's worth of awesome... It would be fun, though.. GAH! *torment*
Unfortunately I missed the launch tickets by a day :( My friend is going, infact I think she is going to about 5 gigs (2 London, Conventry and somewhere else) then onto Collectormania afterwards. We are in a very 'JM rich' environment in the UK this spring :)

I heard JM first at the Halloween gig, then at home listened to GoTR stuff - I much prefer JM on his own, or at least solo vocals. If this album is more of the same I won't be dissappointed. Think I may preorder today
Just ordered problems as far as I can tell, but no email confirmation yet. What a gorgeous cover...both of them but I think I like the US cover best....very....very....pretty man...
I hope that he puts some samples up on his site. I'd like to preview it a little bit as opposed to a blind buy. But, I do like his voice, So I doubt it would be a bad purchase based on THAT aspect.

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