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March 15 2005

'Firefly' Actors Enjoy a New 'Serenity'. Universal's promotion for Serenity rolls on with this Zap2it behind the scenes feature. The movie itself, the delay till September and who now wears the tightest pants gets discussed by Adam Baldwin, Nathan Fillion and Gina Torres.

Wonderful article, many great points, but this one from Adam stands out:

"We have millions of fans who are very much looking forward to this movie coming out, and if they all show up on the first weekend, we get to make two or three more movies."
I love Gina Torres, but she gets quoted out of context sometimes: "...let's just do our lines and hang out." (I may be slightly off on the quote.) For me that conjures images of the kind of process used on Ocean's 12, and we know that with this cast and most of all with Joss it was nothing like that. We know the performances and flow will be tighter than Zoe's pants!
I don't know why I feel this way, but whenever I read an interview with a cast member who has seen the movie (except maybe Jewel), I feel like they were disappointed in it. I don't know why. Hopefully I'm just reading the wrong things into it.
I've never gotten the feeling that anyone involved was anything less than delighted with the movie, narky, and I'm real sensitive to such negativity! It would probably help a lot to hear their tone of voice when they say things. Of course, I'm having no trouble imagining Adam B. saying, "Mmmm, it's tasty", but maybe that's just me!
wow, I didn't hear anything luke warm about the movie,
when I read the above I could hear that they still regetted that the TV show didn't last longer,
and they were thrilled to be able to go back to the characters and bring them back alive bigger and better than ever.

I haven't seen a preview, but I am so excited about this movie!
Adam mentioned the trailer; does anyone know if the teaser is still scheduled to be attached to the Hitchhiker's movie?
In the article: "premiered in the fall of 2002 with a lot of fanfare."

Unfortunately, what fanfare there was, was for a different show. Firefly was extremely funny at times, but it wasn't the wacky space comedy with a "spaced-out crew" that those "Might As Well Be Walking On The Sun" summer promos made it out to be. I wonder if they would have gotten more or fewer initial viewers if the promos had shown comedy AND drama. Oh well, I'm looking forward to sharing in Universal Serenity.
Nice article! I'm there, opening weekend.
Ying, mismarketing and misdirection for a show? Shock and awe, surely that would never happen.

Your average network exec should be working for special ops in the psychological warfare department. No shot need ever be fired once these guys start on a misinformation campaign to confuse the enemy.

There, I have just found a useful occupation for network execs. Which quite frankly deserves a Nobel price, even though I say so myself.

Good to see the marketing campaign swinging into action. Going to have a little whine though about something that has been bugging me for ages. I donít understand why on the official Serenity board you need to have a US or Canadian mailing address for prizes. This is an international launch after all. Universal canít afford the overseas postage? Come on, these are small items. I bet youíll be happy enough to take our money come movie release time.

Itís not about the actual mailing of things, of course one can find a way around this, but itís the attitude that sits behind it. Universal Ė bit of a clue there.
Zoe's last name is Warren? Must have missed an episode somewhere. Nevertheless, an enjoyable read though badly written (or edited).

I'm so looking forward to this movie.
It is almost impossible to gain enough points to get prizes from the Serenity board, so where they mail to is almost irrelevant. But I hear you Miranda, and am tempted to offer my address as a substitute and I will then send it on.

When did an interview with Gina Torres take place in Feb? Did we link to it and I just missed it?
Lioness from what I can remember there's been have been no Gina Torres interviews posted at Whedonesque during February. I'm guessing that there has been a second round of press tour interviews for Serenity last month and we'll see dribs and drabs from it over the next few weeks. And then a huge wave of articles/interviews in the month running up to the movie's release.

But that's just a guess.
Hello Lioness. You kinda' lost me at the Serenity board, would you explain please.
Thank you for your kind offer Lioness (what a nice bunch of people on this board). I wonít need to take you up on it, as I am not really interested, I was just making a point of principle.

I am mostly ticked off because it is simply discourteous by Universal not to include people from other countries or at least to explain why they canít do it and apologize (which then would also be fair enough). Politeness doesnít cost a thing but matters a great deal and there is life outside the US.

I wonít go on about it any longer, because it is only a very minor issue and I am probably starting to be rather annoying (it has been known to happen).

Madhatter Ė Lioness was referring to my original post above hers, if you read that it makes sense.
Having seen the movie myself with some friends and having been able to talk to a few cast members since I can tell you I think they all are nothing but proud and excited about this movie. When a group of my friends and I told Nathan we had seen the movie in a screening he was so excited asking us our favorite parts and what not? saying we had to discuss it. And my friend got a chance to talk to both Alan and Adam about it at Grand Slam this weekend. I even talked to Jewel via email alittle about it.

Not one of them seems disappointment in the movie. I do not think they would be able to be going to cons and be doing interviews if they did not support the work they did on Joss's BDM..and let me just tell you it was SHINY!!! SEPT 30th here I come....MIDNIGHT SHOWING PLEASE!!!!

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Out of curiosity, does anyone know where is the premiere going to be held at?
Ah, thank you miranda. I was a little slow on the upchuck there. Thanks :)
How wide will the film's release be, exactly? I like in Ireland and I am hoping it will come here, but I'm not sure exactly how big it is going to be. I'm guessing it won't be of Star Wars proportions, but hopefully just as big as your average film release.
"We have millions of fans who are very much looking forward to this movie coming out, and if they all show up on the first weekend, we get to make two or three more movies."

Yup. We're like the Kiss Army... but much, much more dangerous.

(And somewhat smarter. (I think.))
As far as the Kiss Army goes, I was a little young to enlist at the time. However, I still listen to their music. So there may be some crossover involved. ;)
Gotta disagree with Adam Baldwin about one thing. When he talks about "redemption". They don't have anything to atone for. It's FOX who needs to be redeemed. I guess he's thinking that there are those who think the show was bad because it was cancelled and the movie is a shot to prove how great Joss' vision is. But redeemed? You gotta do something wrong in the first place to be redeemed and Joss and cast and crew certainly didn't do anything wrong.
Miranda wrote:
Your average network exec should be working for special ops in the psychological warfare department. No shot need ever be fired once these guys start on a misinformation campaign to confuse the enemy.

:) Too bad they're confusing those who should be friend, not foe. This is just hearsay, but after Firefly was canceled, one fan claimed to have met a Fox Broadcasting Co. marketing person--who wasn't aware of any marketing plan for Firefly.

Oh, and on Adam's "...everybody looks great. We had this lead-time, so everybody's like, 'Go to the gym!'"

Thank goodness Adam won't look as puny as he did in the series. Though I guess he'll still need those platform boots.

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