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March 16 2005

'Ice Princess' garners a good review. Michelle Trachtenberg's latest film is praised by Times Argus for being a good wholesome family film. However, The Onion A.V. Club gives it a fairly lukewarm review.

The ice-skating fakery is described as "utterly hidden" and the film "is technically flawless, and artistically it sticks the landing".

A good review, glad that it seems to have some actual depth and is not just a generic and cliche'd 'plain girl finds success' type.

And, tiny skirts! How can it fail?
I've merged yours and ariana75's thread together. We only really need one thread for a review. If anyone else comes across reviews for Michelle's new move, please post the link in this thread.
Thanks, Simon. :) After I posted it, I thought it might have been a little much to have two separate threads on the subject. Heh.
Good idea of merging the threads. When all of the whedonverse actors become huge stars, then this board will be a constant flood of film reviews, oscar nominations/awards etc, so it's best that we start off in 'good practice' mode now :-)
People, people! Let's focus here and not forget what really matters. Tiny skirts!
I'm really excited about seeing this film. Any success of a 'verse star is a good thing!
Yay, Michelle! She is a wonderful actress and I hope this is just the start of a lot of good things for her.
Can't say I'm too excited about this one - though I doubt I'm exactly the demographic they're aiming for - but... Go Michelle! I hope it does well, for her sake. Maybe i'll catch it on DVD in a few months. otherwise... Teen ice skating movie? I think I'll pass on this one, the same way I passed on the Scooby Doo movies. I'm all for supporting the Whedonverse stars in their next projects, but I have certain limits... :-)

[ edited by acp on 2005-03-16 23:51 ]
At there was a poll for an extra 50k fake dollars. Which movie would be my first pick this weekend if I went to a theater. I'm not planning on going to the theater, but I chose Ice Princess. IF I were going to the movies this weekend I'd choose Ice Princess over the other present options. However, it is just a chick flick. If anyone other than Trachtenberg were in the lead, I wouldn't even be considering it. I do have a soft spot for ladies figure skating though, so I'm torn.

I agree with ACP. I want to support alumni from Whedon's previous works, but there's limits. To their credit, many stars from Buffy, Angel and to a lesser extent even Firefly, are purposefully avoiding any roles that might connect back to their Buffy or Angel days, for fear of typecasting. This means they're coincidentally avoiding roles for films that might actually interest me. It's a near hypocritical conflict for me. I want them all to do well, but I so far I haven't enjoyed seeing them outside the WhedonVerse.

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