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January 07 2003

(SPOILER) Detailed spoilers for AtS S4x13 "Salvage". Lovely, just lovely.

And what does everyone think of this season of Angel so far?

ARRRRGH! The one thing that I hoped they wouldn't do with Charisma's pregnancy (even though I knew it would happen anyway) so as to escape the cheesiness factor, happened anyway.

I hate Milkman Joss. And Jeff Bell. And the writers, especially the writers.

i'm pretty disappointed with this season, though i knew it was coming.
the angelus storyline was unavoidable... it's just too bad that it has to happen now when everyone else's characters seem kind of limp (save WES!!! wes for prez!)
I like watching Angel but I thought it was better in the first two seasons when it was a little more MOTW and less story arc. I don't 'care' about the characters enough to be interested what happens to them in the end, I think. So far I've found S4 mildly entertaining.

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