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March 17 2005

Nick Brendon as Chef in New Pilot. He's been cast in the new Fox Pilot "Kitchen Confidential".

Is this a drama? sitcom? reality TV (well, not that I know but...).

I loved NB's comedic timing - loved the prat fall through the window in 'Reptile Boy" for example. I hope it is something that gives him range (and, of course, actually gets picked up).
Joss with a new project (Wonder Woman) and now NB, Yay! This is *NEAT*
Sounds like a sitcom. If so, good for him. I remember after Buffy wrapped he tried to get a sitcom pilot on Fox.
Yep, this day is just getting better and better. Good for Nick. I would watch him in anything.
Oh, excellent news for Nick! I'll be keeping my metaphorical fingers crossed that it gets picked up.
Fabulous, just fabulous.
This must be based on the bestselling book by Anthony Bourdain, which is actually a terrific read for those of you who've never heard of it. A strong stomach is required, however . . .
After reading SNT's link, I'm reminded of stories my grandmother told me about her days as a waitress in a 4-star hotel. Plucking a rat out of the soup and continuing to serve it. The chef dropping a steak on the floor after it's been returned by a customer wanting it a little more well-done. Ick.

At any rate, good for Nick. Now if we could just get an announcement about AD's next project...
Yay for Nick! I'm just a little wary, though, since Fox has this beautiful habit of letting any show that isn't in the 90210 ouevre get cancelled after only a handful of episodes.

I really hope this one makes it!
Congrats to Nick!
Good luck to Nick with this but i'm waiting until a first season gets the go ahead before i start getting too excited. How many times have we been here in the past year or two, congratulating one of the guys on getting a part in a pilot, only to see nothing come of it. I'm not holding my breath yet for David and Amy's latest pilots either.

Hopefully this will actually go somewhere for Nick, he deserves it.
I rather saw Nick going into the movies. And I also thought he wanted to go into the movies.
I've read parts of the book, didn't finish it since the author was too full of himself even for my tastes ;-) I liked 'Chef!' and anything kitchen related so this could work for me.
Yay for Nick! Hope this gets picked up.
He seems to be getting a fairly steady amount of work. Glad someone out there recognizes talent.
Good for him, and I hope it runs in the UK. He really needs to be able to show off the range of his talents. Of course, he is a great comic actor, but I still recall (and re-watch) his evil turn in "The Pack". How cold and nasty he was to Willow!

Plus, the swimsuit scene in "Go Fish"... Not unpleasant.
That's great. Congratulations to Nick.
Fox loves to drown its kittens, but here is hoping this one swims its way to the side of the creek.
This sounds like that Brit-com about the chef, although the name of it escapes me now. Probably yet another American re-tooling of a British/foreign product. Aye-yi-yi....
That's wonderful for Nick! Thrilled to bits for him.

I'd thought that Kitchen Confidential was being developed as a film, but I can see its potential as a series. The biggest problem with the book-to-screen transfer IMO is that Bourdain didn't write the book to make himself look good or sympathetic, so they'll need to reinvent the lead character to be less off-putting.

OTOH, if Nick is playing the charming bad boy sous-chef role, then I am all for seeing that! That is the best part in the whole book, although I'd originally imagined someone more like JM in the part.
If this turns out to be an American version of the BBC's "Chef," I'd be very happy. Nick's impeccable comic timing would be a great addition to any ensemble. Here's hoping for a quick pick-up.
Great news. I'm thrilled Nick landed himself a pilot. Even if FOX gives it their typical treatement, I'm glad to see he's getting the recognition he deserves.
TVtome on Kitchen Confidential.

As SNT noted upthread, it's based on Bourdain's book. And the British sitcom is called 'Chef!', as I mentioned upthread. The two are unrelated and Kitchen Confidential is not a remake of a British show.
Nick won't play the part of the bad boy chef. He'll play another chef at the eatery. So, that was the little bummer for me. However if JM would play that part, it could be a real nummytreat :) I always loved their chemistry.
Hopefully it will be a success and he steals the show! JudithS, I totally enjoyed how great he was as playing the bad guy in The Pack. A lot of people hate that episode but NB was great and convincing in that it would've been nice to have seen him be able to do move of Vamp Xander in The Wish.
Congrats to Nicky! Hope it's a good show.
I could see him playing a chef. This might be good. Glad to hear the news.
Here's the review of Bourdain's book:

Most diners believe that their sublime sliver of seared foie gras, topped with an ethereal buckwheat blini and a drizzle of piquant huckleberry sauce, was created by a culinary artist of the highest order, a sensitive, highly refined executive chef. The truth is more brutal. More likely, writes Anthony Bourdain in Kitchen Confidential, that elegant three-star concoction is the collaborative effort of a team of "wacked-out moral degenerates, dope fiends, refugees, a thuggish assortment of drunks, sneak thieves, sluts, and psychopaths," in all likelihood pierced or tattooed and incapable of uttering a sentence without an expletive or a foreign phrase. Such is the muscular view of the culinary trenches from one who's been groveling in them, with obvious sadomasochistic pleasure, for more than 20 years.

CIA-trained Bourdain, currently the executive chef of the celebrated Les Halles, wrote two culinary mysteries before his first (and infamous) New Yorker essay launched this frank confessional about the lusty and larcenous real lives of cooks and restaurateurs. He is obscenely eloquent, unapologetically opinionated, and a damn fine storyteller--a Jack Kerouac of the kitchen. Those without the stomach for this kind of joyride should note his opening caveat: "There will be horror stories. Heavy drinking, drugs, screwing in the dry-goods area, unappetizing industry-wide practices. Talking about why you probably shouldn't order fish on a Monday, why those who favor well-done get the scrapings from the bottom of the barrel, and why seafood frittata is not a wise brunch selection.... But I'm simply not going to deceive anybody about the life as I've seen it." --Sumi Hahn

Sounds great, even without NB. Let's see this on the air, Fox-ies!
Nick is playing the pastry chef at the main chef's restaurant.
Yes, this pilot is based on Bourdain's book, which would make it the second of his books adapted to television series. Bourdain himself is already familiar to tv viewers, well, at least obsessive Food Network viewers, since A Cook's Tour, which followed Kitchen Confidential was made as a tv series (on Food Network) at the same time...
Excellent news for Nick. Hopefully Fox will treat this show with respect.
It´s great to see the Jossverse actors getting jobs :D
I hope they´ll pick up this project.
A flood of good news today. Congratulations to Nick. This sounds like an excellent role for him.
Fingers crossed for Nick ! This looks like a role worthy of his talents.
Excellent news! I'm glad for Nick and like everyone else, I hope this one gets picked up.
Rewatching Season 3 right now...his comedic talents are astounding...hope this is a great role for him to showcase them.
The Futon Critic just posted more info about NB's new character:

KITCHEN CONFIDENTIAL (FOX) - Nicholas Brendon ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer") is the latest addition to the comedy pilot, about a bad-boy, down-on-his-luck chef who takes over at a top New York restaurant and must fight off all the urges of his former lifestyle. Brendon will play Seth Klein in the project, which also stars Owain Yeoman and John Francis Daley. His character is described in the casting notice as: "20s. A pastry chef extraordinaire, and is also a compulsive gambler, who’ll take odds on ANY bet! He is lured to Bistro Pino by a desperate Jack. Despite some misgivings, Seth joins the team."
I think it sounds like a great role for him. Sounds like it could have a lot of comedy and some dramatic scenes for him with his character being a compulsive gambler.
Much luck to NB, but I'm sorry to say this sounds absolutely horrible. I hope the writing/directing will save this showl Sorry to be the downer.

Since we're talking favorite NB episodes, it's gotta be Zeppo.

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