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January 07 2003

Tales of the Slayer Vol 2 out now. If you're looking for a spin-off Joss , why not make a tv series about the adventures of Slayers from the past?

Some thing along the lines of fleshing out the history of Slayers, how the Watcher's Council got set up and how vampires were dealt with back in the old days.

Maybe even have a plot line that has a recurring villain that the Slayers fight (and do it better than the movie ever did).

I got this the other day. It's quite good, but I didn't think it was as enjoyable as the first one, or the Dark Horse graphic novel.

Perhaps unsurprisingly I thought Jane Espenson's and Rebecca Rand Kischner's stories are by far and away the best. Just a shame Joss is so busy or he might have written one. Ah well, maybe for Vol 3.

On a semi-related note, anyone know what this Tales of the Vampires thing is about? Is it actually out, or merely an Amazon lie?

Tales of the Vampires at
I don't know which one I have, Tales of the Slayer 1 or 2, but I couldn't get through it. It was depressing, since all the girls died and it was pretty gruesome.

(As opposed to the comic book one which I quite liked.)
Tales of the Vampires appears to be a graphic novel with Joss doing a story for it (not out yet as far as I know) according to the Watcher's Web.
Tales of the Slayer as a show? I can just see the intro.

In the history of the world, the people are affected by two different yet equally powerful groups. The First Evil, whose minions want to create the apocalypse, and The Powers That Be, with their Slayers and Champions. These are their stories.

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