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March 18 2005

Angel: The Curse #2 to be released in July from IDW. Check out the solicitation info and the four covers for the second issue of IDW's first Angel mini series.


Written by Jeff Mariotte, art by David Messina.

In Romania, Angel makes contact with the Gypsy underground fighting against the oppressive regime of Corneliu Brasov. But they don't know who Angel is, and‹given their past history with the evil Angelus‹if they did, they wouldn't welcome his help. Meanwhile, Brasov commands his vampire army to eliminate Angel once and for all. IDW's post-series Angel mini continues with this fast-paced installment by novelist and comic writer Jeff Mariotte and artist extraordinaire David Messina. Special variant covers provided by John Byrne, ChrisCross, Roger Robinson, and Kelsey Shannon.

32 pages, $2.99."

Is anyone expecting a reference to Jenny Calendar in this mini-series? And is IDW allowed to reference Jenny, seeing as Dark Horse own the Buffy rights?
I'm definitely glad that IDW got the rights for Angel off Dark Horse. And I like the variant covers - although with four for each issue I have no idea if I'll be able to afford them all. I am slightly peeved though that Messina's covers are so generic, albeit still good - but that applies to most comics atm. My only other concern is that although I like the direction they're going in, I feel the Brasov/Vampire war lord thing is nothing more than a gimmick.

Also - what is the general consensus on Mariotte's novels? I've never read any of the novels but know that a lot of the Buffy novels at least have been quite poor.

BTW, Simon - I think they would be allowed to mention Jenny for the same reason they're allowed to have Halfrek in the Spike one shot
Oh good point Jackal, I hadn't thought of that. Regarding Jeff Mariotte, I haven't read any of his novels but I did really enjoy his first CVO: Covert Vampiric Operations TPB.

And as much as I hate to say anything nasty at Whedonesque, that third Angel cover? It's bloody awful.
I quite like the that cover, they actually look (a bit) like the actors, though it is quite lazy to use a photo for a background. Would seem to have absolutely nothing to do with the issue though, 'cos Fred, Cordy and Wes are all dead.

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I like the second and the fourth ones the best.

I've been expecting a Jenny Calendar mention and didn't think copyright would be an issue as she was a secondary character. Good catch Jackal
So, forgive my ignorance, this is Issue Two. Is issue One out or is that June or something?
I love that 3rd cover simon. The 4th one is good too. But the first one? All I can think of is "Amends" which (sorry Joss) still makes my teeth hurt.
Sorry, hate to be a real fussy old cow here, but I'm still not terribly impressed with the artwork on these.

Why is it so many comic strip artists find it impossible to draw a good likeness? I understand that often it's meant to be all about 'style', but surely if you are going to base a series of comics on a well known character, wouldn't it then help if you could get a likeness of him correct?
I think IDW can mention Halfrek and may be able to mention Jenny, because even though Dark Horse owns the rights to the core BtVS characters, the secondary characters are up for grabs (remember the talk about IDW doing a Faith mini sometime this year?)
Awesome. I can't read though in case of spoilers.
sueworld, the Firefly books look just like their characters if the cover is to be believed.
I like the fourth one the best in terms of design and feel, but it probably resembles Angel the least. The 2nd one is good, the first one okayish, but too 'sorta-manga' cartoony for me. The third just looks like fan art to tell you the truth.
Yeah, that third cover is kind of dodgy....

Speaking of Angel comics. Those of you who allready read comics give "Blood of the Demon" by John Byrne (artist of the "second cover") and Co a shot. As Byrne has started before he wonders of Joss had Etrigan, The Demon way back of his maind when he created Angel. Anyway, Byrne takes "Blood of the Demon" in to some kind of "full circle" and brings Kirby's Demon very close to Joss' Angel. It was a long time since I was THAT surprised by a comicbook.
I can barely make out the third one can someone tell me if Wes is wearing glasses in the pic and why does Gunn look red? Or is it just my PC?
On my pc Gunn is brown. May want to adjust your settings ShotgunWes.
Hmph. At least two fantastic covers for issue 1, and none I like for issue 2. Ah well.
I'm liking all those covers, they are definately very unrelated to the actual story but as pieces of artwork in themselves they work for me.
I think the "second" cover by Byrne is awsome!
Simon I don't like the third cover either...but I resent the snearing drawing of Spike,
is that how they are going to write the character?
And are they bringing Cordelia back to life?

Embers, these are alternate covers. There is absolutely no guarantee that they will relate to anything you will see in this or any future issue of the mini series, or the series to follow on afterwards for that matter. It's just cover art, that's all.
I'll probably be buying the fourth cover (if I don't end up waiting for the collection of this instead). It looks like it'd fit better on the front of an Anne Rice novel, but it's much more professional and "finished"-looking. The first cover's mood and coloring is nice, but the artist has made Boreanaz look Asian. The second cover, while capturing the snarly vampire faces real nicely, is kinda ugly. I've never cared much for John Byrne's work. The third cover is kinda neat, but some of the likenesses are really off. Plus for some reason, it's annoying me that they're trying to attract readers with a pic of the cast when the majority of (if not the entire) cast won't even play a part in the story.

Ah, nit-picking about the art. Favorite past-time of many of us comic readers who're still months away from getting the issue.
I'm not too impressed by the covers. The fourth is my favourite, detfinetly getting that one.
The art doesn't have me all that excited. I wish they could've kidnapped Marc Silvestri and had him draw the series. (Marc, if you're out there, please?) But I hope the story will be good :)

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