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January 07 2003

Filmforce interviews Tony Head. It's an interview we haven't read before, but although it's published this month it seems to be at least a year old, done before Tony's album came out.

(update) And part II is up as well. It's even better.

The great thing about this interview is that it focuses on Tony. Not Buffy. I like this kind of interview where you get to 'hear the voice' of the artist, when he's not spouting company propaganda. And I've never heard him talk about his brother Murray much before other than to say "I never see him". (via HeadsUp mailing list)

Great interview, nice to see the man explored instead of the character.

Oh and the BBC are doing a competition to win a signed ASH photo.
I've been waiting a year or more for an interview like this. I wish more interviewers would understand their craft in this way. Ask an actor about bloody acting, will ye? Not about stars, L.A. and trying to get spoilers out of them and wanting to hear about other actors in the series they are in. Because you're never going to get an honest answer anyway. Anyway... filmforce, applause.
I'm really looking forward to the third part of the interview, so far it's a real insight into Tony Head.

And I'd forgotten about the work he done with Doctor Who.

Excelis Dawns

Excelis Rising

Exelis Decays

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Apparently there are 5 parts of the interview!
I just read the third part, this is rapidly becoming the definitive Tony Head interview.
Ok, part four is where we get a bit of that "oh they're all wonderful, darling". Bloody luvvies.

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