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March 19 2005

James Marsters narrates 'Grave Peril' audiobook. You can pre-order the 10 cd audiobook that is due out March 28th. In it James, once again for his 3rd audio reading, takes you into the world of the Jim Butcher novel about a Wizard named Harry Dresden. You can listen to some audio clips of the book at the website.

I Have this on pre-order and can't wait! The site has some clips of James reading the book and very nice they are too.
FINALLY! I pre-ordered this last Fall and I've been dying for them to get it out.
This was one of my favorite Dresden books and I'm looking forward to hearing JM read it.
I'm eagerly awaiting 'James Marsters narrates risk management textbook' ;)
Whitney from poplife at USA Today posted she'd watch JM peel an orange for two hours! As for me, I buy a cd of him reading the cliched telephone book.
James Marsters' voice.. *pavlovian salivation ensues*
Well, I'm not the mega-fan of James that many are, but, have to say, his reading is great. And I'm not really an audio book fan either - but I'm kinda tempted to invest in this. Putting all those clips online may have hooked another listener . . .
Leaving aside the James Marsters element, are the books actually any good?
Simon: the books are great fun, Mickey Spillane meets JRRT,
only with a lot more humor than either of those.
All set in modern day Chicago.
I've read all of them, in fact the latest is 'Dead Beat' due out in May...James Marsters is WAY behind. He really needs to catch up on the audio books.

SNT: yes, I got seduced at a convention where the Buzzy Media people were playing 'Storm Front' aloud in the dealers' room.
He does different voices for every character,
his voice for women and children is totally convincing without being at all weird.
I can't wait to get this latest one!
And there is an amazingly exciting intensity during the fight scenes.
I've never heard anyone else do as well on an audio book.
It's funny that I loved the books long before I knew James Marsters exsisted. That's right, I was a Jim Butcher fan BEFORE I became a James Marsters fan :) James's rendition of Storm Front which is the first in the series ) is the reason I started watching Buffy and Angel. Then I ended up by all the Buffy episodes on DVD and now Angel too.
Cousine: But not Firefly? I know, OT...but I have to stand up for Firefly!
I do recommend Jim Butcher's books for anyone who likes fantasy, but they are better if read in order.
Just went to the website and listened to some clips. Although I had heard one of these playing at a vendor's table at the one and only convention I ever attended, the environment was too distracting to notice anything but the sound of his voice. Since I like reading, I had not really considered liking the sound of someone's voice a good reason to spend that kind of money. On the other hand, since I do not have time to read, I had thought audio books were a way to catch-up. Listen in the car, etc. But... money...and reading something yourself gives you a unique vision...and boy are those clips good...a real performance. It's not like what I have heard from others in the past. I want to hear more. Rrrrrrr Money.

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