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March 19 2005

Which actress should play Wonder Woman? - a TV Guide Poll. The usual Buffyverse suspects feature but at the moment Lucy Lawless is leading. And at Superhero Hype!, there's a poll asking punters what they think of Joss writing and directing Wonder Woman.

It is a disappointing list; Gina Torres isn't on it.
I would have thought the poll was more valid if there was a choice for "Unknown" or a box to write in a choice.
I hope it's someone who looks vulnerable, so that their strength is surprising and a part of their femininity. I always liked that in Buffy.
Definitely. I wanted to write in Morena Baccarin. I voted for Evangeline Lilly instead because, although she isn't the height people traditional expect for Wonder Woman, she is a good actress and could handle the other aspects well.
I'd prefer an unknown - but voted for Lucy Lawless. Let's face it. She's about the most Amazonian on the list.
Yes, but Lucy is 36 (37 in 10 days) and since the studio is looking to make a franchise out of this, they're going to be casting much younger.

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ShelaghC, I didn't see Lucy Lawless on there. Just Lucy Liu. I don't think any of those choices are good. None are WW-ish.

I didn't vote.
"ShelaghC, I didn't see Lucy Lawless on there. Just Lucy Liu. I don't think any of those choices are good. None are WW-ish.

I didn't vote.
Willowy | March 20, 04:33 CET"

You had to scroll down to find Lucy Lawless's name. I was rather surprised to see she had more than 50% of the vote. If Joss, the studio or Joss's staff checks that out they might just give Lucy more than a passing thought for the part.

But I'd still rather see a search go out for a completely new face.
I voted for Charisma. I think she could pull it off. I thought about Lucy Liu but then decided a vote for her would just be because I think she's really pretty, not because I actually think she'd play the part well.
Didn't Lucy (sometime ago) say she'd never accept Wonder Woman if she was offered the role though? I don't think she wants to get typecast.

I'm all for Charisma Carpenter being taken in for the role, but with the unhappier fans ranting about how they think Wonder Woman's gonna turn into a Buffy-clone, I think it's better the person they choose be someone who isn't connected to anything that Joss has done before.

I also like the idea of Gina Torres, btw...but after Wonder Woman dark skin would be a bad idea.

I'd go for Lauren Graham as well...but she's on a WB show...and people already hate the fact that they've chosen Joss...who had two shows on the WB...and they're scared that Wondy will become Smallville or I wouldn't go there either.

An unknown is best.

That being said...I HOPE Joss ignores some of the negative reaction this movie's garnering.

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Same reasons, I didn't vote either.
I voted for Charisma out of pure love. I don't see them picking her because of the Joss connection. I honestly don't see any of the other actresses fit as the perfect WW. I like Eliza, but I think she's too short. It's nice to see the buzz going for WW though even if these actresses are less to be desirable.
After viewing some more lovely pictures of Charisma, I could DEFINITELY see her perfect for the role. Regardless of Joss and Charisma's history, I just hope he might give some thought to her.
Yea, I voted for Charisma too. I love her, I think she would be great - she looks the part, and she played a "hero" on Angel, and a princess lol.

Oh My God! No one will believe what happened to me today! Alright, so my friend tells me that he's going to go to the Wall to Wall Steven Sondheim thing in the city with some other people. Now, we just did Into the Woods last week, and plus I knew Joss was gonna be there, so I decided to go. I was on the line since 11am, and at 4:30pm, they say that there's no chance of getting in. I was begging the people who worked there if they could just let me see Joss cause he was on at 5pm for a little, but they said no. So I was sooo disappointed, I had to listen to him over the radio. He was great, he kept saying "I'm not a stalker" lol... So it was like 6:30pm, still waiting outside in the cold. An hour before I saw Joanna Gleason come out, she was in Into the Woods, so I figured hey, maybe Joss will come out too. I brought my Once More, With Feeling script book, just in case. So it's 6:30, and who do I see walk out of the theater - JOSS!!! I was flipping out! I ripped open my bag to get my script and a pen, and he was leaving quick so I just threw my stuff on the ground I didn't care! And he was crossing the street and I was right behind him, but I didn't want to get hit by a car, so I made my way back to the line, when someone who worked there was like "go for it, be brave!"... so I just ran across the street, and halfway across I ask one of the people he's with if I could ask him for an autograph, and he was like "sure, he's really nice." so I say "Joss", and he turns around, and I say "hey Joss, I'm a huge fan, can I have your autograph?" and he says "sure, but let's get out of the street so we don't get hit by a car", then I tell him "Congratulations on Wonder Woman" and he said "ohh thank you" and my pen that I gave him to sign my script wasn't working so I was thinking "oh no!" and he said, "I think I have something that will work better" so i was so happy! Then I told him "I'm really looking forward to seeing 'Serenity'", and he said "I'm looking forward to finishing it" lol! then he asked me my name and how to spell it (Annamaria, one word), then I said "thank you so much" and he said "you're welcome" and he left and I ran back across the street lol! everyone was so mad that they wouldn't let us in even though we had been waiting 8 hours, but after that, I had a smile on my face the rest of the night! It was unbelievable! The greatest experience of my life! I wish I could have told him more, like I want to be a film producer, and I look up to him, and if he ever needs any help on any project, I would do anything he asks of me! lol I know that's crazy, but come on it's Joss! so Joss, if you read this, I'm going to send you a letter thanking you for your kindness and for lifting my spirits for the day, hell, my life!!! You truly are an inspiration to me. I hope to accomplish what you have and what you will in the future! I think I can die happy now - I've met James and now Joss... I'm complete!
I didn't like the choices. I had my heart set on Gina Torres for the role until someonone mentioned Claudia Black in another thread. Now I can't get that idea out of my head. It will be interesting to see who will be chosen for the role. I suspect it will be someone we haven't seen before.
I didn't like the choices either. I think Charisma Carpenter is beautiful and has the figure but I honestly don't feel she is that great an actress (sorry Charisma fans). I really doubt SMG would even want to do it and I doubt she'd be a contender. Lauren Graham? I don't even know where that's come from. I think she's attractive and all but she kind of has a matronly figure and her voice is rather grating.

I also really liked the idea of Gina Torres until someone mentioned Claudia Black and neither of them was on the list. I think it would've been best as a write in poll to begin with to see who people thought would be perfect. And I really think Lauren Graham had such a high number because TV Guide has been pushing that idea for quite sometime.

Claudia Black would be perfect for it. She has the dark hair, blue eyes and a great figure and she is a fantastic actress who can handle both drama and comedy at ease.

And Annamaria, congrats! Sounds like a wonderful and fun experience!
Annamaria, that is really great! That's how I felt when I met Emma. I know they are human just like us, but I can't help getting star struck. I listened to him online today, and he was ya know...Joss. Cute, funny, humble. I love hearing him speak.

I would love to know who he wants for WW. I bet he had someone in mind while he was writing the script.
Whoever he picks, I'm sure they'll be great. He has a great talent for finding great talent and people who are perfect for the roles he puts them in.
I voted for Lucy Lawless because she is the closest to what I envision when I think of Wonder Woman. But I agree she is a bit old for the part perhaps.

Besides what I really want is for Joss to use an unknown. Casting people who are perfect for their roles is something Joss really excels at. With one exception. Whose name I shall politely refrain from mentioning but everyone is entitled to one mistake. And besides, she was more than balanced out by the other casting choices of season 5. But I digress.

Anyway, I hope he uses someone who we have never seen before, but who is a totally kick ass physical and emotional actress, and also amazonian. (By that I mean statuesque)
Annamaria: sooooo cooool! I've been sitting on the West Coast listening to the Wall to Wall Sondheim thing on XM's website, and envying everybody who was there. Loooved the bit where Frank Rich more or less forced Joss to accept that "Once More Wiht Feeling" was Sondheimesque. That'll teach him to be modest!! Also to hear Joss sucking up in best fanboy fashion to Sondheim was a complete and utter blast!! Nice to know he can be as starstruck about Stephen Sondheim as we are about him. Now, if only Joss would teach us the secret handshake...!
Technically, "Amazonian" would mean missing the left breast, which--right, I can see Hollywood going for *that*...
I doubt Joss has any of these actresses in mind, though the names listed whould be spectacular in playing this role. I've a feeling we'll slap our foreheads and scream "Of course, she's perfect!" once Joss does his casting call.

BTW, I was weak and voted for Uma Thurman. The thought of her in that red, white, and blue spandex outfit........

I'll be in my bunk.

Uma Thurman would be perfect if the script called for oh...say, a giraffe?

Come ON! She's one of the ultimate California Girls! The only WW quality she has is the height.

Where are you little miss unknown? Show yourself so we can stop all this gross and misguided speculation! Joss! Show us the girl! ;)
Annamaria: Congratulations on meeting Joss! What a terrific experience!

As for Wonder Woman, I would prefer she not be a waif, and not anybody on that list. I love Lucy Lawless, and I think an "older" Wonder Woman would be awesome, but I doubt she'll want to do it . (Though she might want to work with Joss - who knows?) Gina Torres would be an awesome Wonder Woman, but I really think the best move would be to find a worthy unknown.

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While looks for such an iconic character are obviously important, it's (for me at least) less important than the acting ability. So much of the discussion here and elsewhere has been about who looks more or less like the comic-book version of WW, but doesn't the character also need to be convincingly portrayed? They're already going to have their work cut out for them giving any sort of relatable, human flaws to a character who's a goddess.
Anyhow, given all that, I still haven't seen a known actress who really interests me, and there wasn't anyone in that poll I really liked. I loved Cordelia, but I don't think Charisma Carpenter is a very versatile actress, and I don't think she has a leading role in her. I dont' see Eliza as quite up to it (or looking the part) either, much as I like her as Faith. Angelina Jolie rubs me the wrong way in most of her films, and Evangeline Lily?!? She can't even manage the very limited acting she's had to do on Lost. She's the one person on that show who drives me nuts.
So.... I don't know. Right now I'm banking on an unknown. If they find someone good - and there's certainly plenty of unexposed talent out there I think that could be the best.
Gina Torres could perhaps pull it off and do a good job, and I don't know Claudia Black. Uma? Possibly, though she's not too wonder-woman-esque. She can act, though.
Still, I'm waiting for the perfect unknown, and would prefer nobody on that list.
From Wizard Magazine #157(september 2004)

Wizard: A few months ago a British newspaper reported that you were thinking about playing Wonder Woman.

SMG: You know, I have no idea where that came from. Besides, I'm way too short (laughs). Wonder Woman is like 6 feet tall!

Wiz: You could do it.

SMG: (Laughs) I don't know if I could wear that outfit for three months in a row. I"d be a little self-conscious.

So shouldn't they take SMG off of that poll?

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I voted for Lauren Graham, because when I read the list, I thought all of the choices (while decent actresses and bombshells in their own right) were only so-so as Wonder Woman. Since I was there, I voted for Lauren Graham because I love her on Gilmore Girls and she's tall and in good shape. Just give her a tan and voila, you possibly have Wonder Woman. But when I voted for her, I expected her to be the choice with the least votes and was surprised to see her in 2nd place. But honestly, I think she would be better playing the role of Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman rather than WW herself.

It's just a poll anyway. We're not voting for the next American Idol or President. I wouldn't be surprised if none of these actresses were even considering the role. That's just my opinion anyway.

Annamaria: That's really cool. Congrats on meeting The Man.
I voted for Lucy Lawless, simply because she is the best option on the list. Most are way too short and others i just cannot picture in the role at all. Uma Thurman? Really? Y'think? Nah!

Charisma would be my second choice but i will eat my Buffy DVD collection if Joss chooses anyone from one of his shows for this part. If he does and the movie bombs due to the audience not liking the actress in the lead role how is that gonna look for Joss? Do you think anyone else is going to trust him with a big budget movie if they think he is just going to use it to promote his old television show stars?

If there was somebody who was absolutely right for the part from either Buffy, Angel or Firefly then maybe but in my opinion there really isn't.

And yes, i am still including Gina in that statement! ;)
Hope it's someone brand new. And can act.
Technically, "Amazonian" would mean missing the left breast, which--right, I can see Hollywood going for *that*...

...I have my Classicist hat on again! It's a very fashionable little hat. Anyway - somewhere in my years of study I learned that someone believed that rather than cutting off/burning off their breast, Amazons simply bound it. Either way, they did it so that their arm would move more freely when they were using a bow and arrow. Think on it - breasts do get in the way of that, but binding it would do enough to keep it down, and be much less painful than actually removing it. In a quick google I found several sites that said it was the right breast. I would guess it would depend on which hand was predominant. I am finding only 2 or 3 texts that refer to Amazons as actually removing the right breast, and in almost all of the visual representations I'm finding they all have both breasts.

Evangeline Lily?!? She can't even manage the very limited acting she's had to do on Lost.

*meditatey future-telling look* I see... a Wonder Woman who spends most of the time rolling her eyes...

...if I had my druthers, someone would stretch me on a rack until I was about a foot taller, and then *I* could play Wonder Woman!
Much as I love Charisma, I really don't think she's got the acting chops for WW and I don't think a Buffiverse actress will get cast - kind of gives too much ammunition to the naysayers out there. Like the idea of Claudia Black or Lucy Lawless but I think they'll go for a bigger name. I'm hoping for Hilary Swank or Angelina Jolie
I'm getting a little upset about the emphasis many people seem to be putting on physicality, especially height, in relation to casting Wonder Woman. Many male actors, including action stars, are short. There's plenty of routine trickery the movies use for, for instance, Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe to look taller in their films. That could be just as easily used for someone like Eliza Dushku, if she was otherwise right for the part. I think she's too young, though that's probably the age range they'll go for.

I'm with those who think Claudia Black would be best, but I think she'd still be best if she needed lifts and a short co-star to look statuesque. Hair can be dyed, wonders can be done with makeup, but not just any actor can make the most of Joss' writing, so I vote for talent. And I guess my point about the physical stuff is, why is it such a big deal with the girls and not the guys?
dreamlogic, I agree with you about most of the physicality stuff (especially height) but I do believe that the actress who plays Wonder Woman needs to have a certain look of power in her body, completely independent of height or coloration. That is much harder to fake than any of the things you mentioned. Her body itself needs to be of certain proportions (broad shoulders, muscular legs, well-balanced top and bottom) and while that can be achieved in a woman whether she is five feet tall or seven feet tall, it can not be added through tricks of the camera, usually.

As much as I believe that a person should be cast based on their ability to convey the emotional truth of a role, physicality is part of every real person's life, and so it does have to be considered when creating the final product for a film. As you mentioned, it can be created with an actor or actress who doesn't have it naturally, in some circumstances, but I believe the general body type for Wonder Woman is not one that can be created from scratch.

I don't know why this seems to be such an issue with women and less so with men. I myself railed against the failure to use camera tricks to make Hugh Jackman look short in X2. Wolverine is supposed to be 5' 3", and that IS part of his character. It is a key element of who he is and how he deals with the world. I thought it was extremely wrong that he was TALLER than Jean Grey in the 2nd film, especially since he was shorter than her in the first one.
You guys are "upset" about height being a requirement? :rolls eyes:

It just is. Wonder Woman is no shrimp. No tiny, delicate, bird-boned thing. She's big. And TALL. That's just part of the physicality of the character. I'm sure you can deal.
I'm sorry, didn't mean this.
Clicked on the link yesterday and today, but never did reach the poll. no biggie, sounds like most of the choices do not excite anyone here. uma? bah. angelina? smg? all beauties, but not wonder women. lauren graham??? lucy liu??? those are funny.

(annamaria, lucky, lucky you!)

Morena Baccarin gets my vote again and again. (Firefly's Inara) Google her if you aren't sure. Someone here already said it... she was born to play Wonder Woman. And Claudia Black would do a kick ass job too. Alas, Claudia might appear too experienced (i hate the "M" word too).

People here have made very good arguments about appearance and casting. Strong arguments. Gina Torres could pull it off well, BUT, WW is a character that has been physically portrayed continually since 1941. To seriously alter her appearance kinda disrespects the creators and subsequent artists a bit, as well as the die-hard fans. Unless there is a creative and compelling reason to substantially alter her appearance, and i can't think of one, why do it??? Frankly, to cast WW as a totally different ethnicity without a compelling reason is kinda PC and kinda lame. She's been a tall, dark-haired, white-looking chick for decades. Her first theatrical appearance should respect the original character that much. If we were discussing James Bond, sure, try someone new. But this ain't James Bond, who's been on the big screen how many times?

i did not know the above about Hugh Jackman, but i can't think of another who could play Wolverine better. Loved him.

Anyway, JW's choice should be interesting at the least. And I too love Charisma and Eliza but cannot see them in the role, either.

Morena Morena Morena! Unless she's too busy doing Serenity seuqels, i will be so sad if it's not her.
I didn't know who Claudia Black was...just googled her...without knowing anything about her work...I think she very much LOOKS the part of WW.
Yay for you Annamaria! And I couldn't get the link to work either, and didn't feel like searching that site for some list. I'm hoping for an unknown too, but I doubt it; an unknown is not gonna sell this franchise.
i did not know the above about Hugh Jackman, but i can't think of another who could play Wolverine better. Loved him.

Hugh Jackman is a very tall man. He played Wolverine brilliantly. And in the first film, despite being incredibly tall, he looked short. I don't know why they didn't do that in the second one. Likewise, I think Wonder Woman needs to be played by someone who can act the part first and looks the part second, though I am sure there are people who fit both requirements. (Claudia Black leaps to mind.)

What if Rebecca Romijn-(Stamos?) went brunette?
Annamaria, I was there too. I would have been behind you in line as I got there at 12:30. I only waited until the panel started and the got out of line and sat against the building by the loud speaker to hear the panel. If I had known before-hand you could hear the broadcast over the computer I do not know if I would have gone. But I had a nice day reading a book in some beautiful Spring weather with lovely music playing on the loud speakers. After the panel I thought about waiting around, but I went home. I'm glad you got to make contact with Joss after all the waiting.

As far as WW: They try to get the right physical appearance in men too. Sometimes they go with talent and name instead. It is a tough call. Notice haw many men on Buffy were big. Pretty much everybody except JM and his comment was that he gave credit to the casting people and Joss for seeing past his look when he walked into the audition. Most of the people who cast things that I have met have amazingly little imagination. Joss and his people are obviously not in that vein. However, some things cannot be faked and WW is going to need the basics in terms of body type to go along with the acting and the ability to project innate authority.

(What bugs me is when they can't get past hair or eye color. That is what makeup, wigs and dye are for. As I recall, Lucy Lawless is really a blonde and SMG is a brunette. Somebody was thinking when they got past that for both of them.)
Hooray for you, Annamaria! Way to hang in there! As far WW goes I'm intrigued by Claudia Black. I've only seen her picture and she looks the part. Maybe Joss'll have her read for it. I'm interested in seeing who it will be and of course, Joss gets the benefit of the doubt that he'll choose the right actress. As far as A-list stars go, I really can see Angelina Jolie in the role but I think lesser knowns tend to work better when casting this kind of part.
cj: (What bugs me is when they can't get past hair or eye color. That is what makeup, wigs and dye are for. As I recall, Lucy Lawless is really a blonde and SMG is a brunette. Somebody was thinking when they got past that for both of them.)

SMG is a natural brunette, I think.
That's what I said, Chris.
"Regardless of Joss and Charisma's history, I just hope he might give some thought to her."

What exactly happened between them? I remember hearing that she was sort of fired, but I wasn't sure whether it was true or not. Just like the rumors of diva-ism among the Buffy cast during season seven.

I too think Charisma would do a good job of it. She is sort of 'old' by Hollywood standards but she looks a lot younger than she is. I think she is a great actress though. I wasn't her biggest fan whenever she first appeared on Buffy, but at that stage the character was meant to be very one dimensional and selfish and stereotypical. But through the next few years of Buffy and Angel she just grew so mcuh as an actress and became really unbelievable, during seasons three and four of Angel she really proved her strength.
Just a thought, but in the original comic book didn't Wonder Woman start off pretty young, a maiden? If Joss wanted to make her very young, and this film will be coming out in two years, what about Michelle Trachtenberg? She looks like a young version of Wonder Woman and is growing up fast.
ya, hair and eye color aren't important. guess it's hard to immediately name blonde candidates, tho, at least without thinking awhile. Cameron Diaz? j/k, :)
Michelle Trachtenberg in THAT costume...

Where do I start queueing?
You know, Michelle Trachtenberg probably could pull of a very young WW. Only a very new, Young WW. She has grown on me considerably, 'coz i was so annoyed by my first exposure to Dawn. In retrospect, that was probably the point. She has matured nicely. Which leads me back to what Joss's "good idea for a new WW story" is. So many possibilites. The concept of a WW story didn't excite me at all until mention of Joss writing AND directing. I haven't thought about WW since i was seven and had her Underoos. Seriously.

Oh, someone asked about a good comic to read. When I picked up Fray the other day, the very cool older comic book shop guy recommended issue #200, which came out last year. He had a few copies on hand, and he said it tied up several loose ends nicely. The first storyline was especially modern-looking, and the other three storylines followed a very traditional WW comic-style. i liked it, and at the first mention of "Gaea" i was instantly transported to my elementary school playground. i suppose she did have some influence on me at an early age. i recall the tv show too, but only a few hazy images.
I'm telling you, this role is made for Jennifer Connelly.

Well, my wife is telling you, but I jumped on the bandwagon right away. :)

As per my previous post in another thread, Wonder Woman has to be a quiet unsuspecting person who can dash away to become larger than life. The actress must therefore be able to pull off both personality extremes. She has to be tall. She has to be in the prime of her life. She has to be muscular without being ripped. She has to have the classic figure of a woman rather than a super model. Said differently (and more bluntly), my wife insists that Wonder Woman should have not huge, but significant boobs.

Most importantly, the actress must be able to convey both heroism and humanity.

Once again, I give you ... Jennifer Connelly.

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Hmmm, i don't know. Ever since her name was brought up i've had the image of Claudia Black wearing the Wonder Woman costume in my head ... but enough about how i spend my spare time ... ;)

Seriously though, Claudia is definately the number one choice for me. Great actress, very sexy and physically perfect for the role. I really hope Joss is reading these threads, it would be great if he gave her a chance to audition at least.
My first thought was Kate Beckinsdale; she has the dark hair, blue eyes and facial features of WW.
Amanda Peet?
How about me? I could pull off a wig and high heels. Does WW come with a cape?
Amada Peet is a good choice! I like her a lot and I think she's a very versatile actress.
As much as I love Claudia Black on Farscape and think she's a good actress, I honestly think she's older than what they're going to be looking for. Like others have said, if WW is a success, they'll probably want to milk the franchise, so they'll want someone younger.

I kind of like the latest suggestion of Amanda Peet. I think she's a good actress, though I'm not sure about her physicality or how much of a "powerful frame" she has.

And I hate to say it, but I'm on the anti-Gina Torres bandwagon. She's great, but I just don't feel it for WW. I think it'd be way too radical and, like many have said, turn off the hardcore fans, disrespect the creators, etc.

Just my two cents.

But hey, whatever happens, this is surely going to be very interesting. And it's bound to keep us all entertained for months. ;-)
Two words: Navi Rawat.
Ha, I just realized that Claudia Black and Amanda Peet are the same age. Oops! I guess Black just looks older to me.
I have no idea why but I've just assumed Joss would go with the iconic physical image of WW instead of a revisionist one, (the way the Supeman movies did with the selection of Christopher Reeve).
I agree Reddygirl.

Chris, I feel that way a lot lately.
"I have no idea why but I've just assumed Joss would go with the iconic physical image of WW instead of a revisionist one, (the way the Supeman movies did with the selection of Christopher Reeve)."

Good point. i think part of Superman, Spiderman, and the X-men's success comes from a very "true" vision of the characters we already knew. i couldn't tell you what happened in Batman because i fell asleep trying to watch a couple versions (and that's rare). Haven't bothered to watch several other comic heroes come to life due to such harsh criticism. Those i just mentioned gave fans the image they knew and took the story further and did it well.

As a side note, i really liked Judge Dredd but rarely see it mentioned in discussions about comic book adaptations. Being unfamilar with the original, i have wondered for awhile now if any other comic book fans have thought it was a successful adaptation.
As a side note, i really liked Judge Dredd but rarely see it mentioned in discussions about comic book adaptations. Being unfamilar with the original, i have wondered for awhile now if any other comic book fans have thought it was a successful adaptation.

You would be hard pressed to find any British comic book fan who thought it was any good. Visually it wasn't bad, but compared to the comic strip, the plot was dire and Stallone was dreadfully miscast as Judge Dredd. Clint Eastwood should have played him. The film did not capture the oppressive and somewhat fascist nature of Dredd's world in the 22nd Century. And we're still trying to figure out why Rob Schneider was cast in it.
Well, Amanda Peet probably is too thin for the curvy Wonder Woman image, but she has a GREAT Wonder Woman face, in my opinion!
I mean, Jennifer Connelly's name has come up quite a bit, and she has become awfully skinny of late.
We'll know who soon enough.

I'm so excited about Joss taking on this project. I think he'll make an amazing movie! It'll be great fun...can't wait! Yippee!
My dream cast would be Lucy Lawless as WW, Lynda Carter as Hypolita (small role and a nice shout out to the TV show), Rachel Bilson as Donna Troy/Troia, Michelle Trachtenberg as Cassie Sandsmark/Wonder Girl (give her a blonde wig or a good dye job and there ya go), and Stephanie Romanov as Circe (sure, it might be typecasting, but at least you know she could pull it off).
I wrote long ago when this story was first circulating that Charisma is the only actress I can think of for this particular role...Sadly, I think bridges have been burned between CC and JW...
This is going to turn out like the search for Scarlett O'Hara in "Gone with the Wind". Who will be the new Vivien Leigh?
Willowy, my point was that she has to *look* tall, which in the movies does not require being tall, and it seems to me that actresses are being scrutinized and rejected over this in a way that male actors usually aren't.

I don't have anything against being tall, or I'd have to have a problem with myself.
Lets use the opportunity and throw a punch below the bible belt: Eddie Izzard ;)

Annamaria Great story! Im glad for you. (And bloody envious, goes without saying.)
"You would be hard pressed to find any British comic book fan who thought it was any good. Visually it wasn't bad, but compared to the comic strip, the plot was dire and Stallone was dreadfully miscast as Judge Dredd. Clint Eastwood should have played him. The film did not capture the oppressive and somewhat fascist nature of Dredd's world in the 22nd Century. And we're still trying to figure out why Rob Schneider was cast in it."

British? lol, i am unfamiliar with the original. and a stallone fan. thanks for the good info.
I was talking with a friend about this over the weekend, and her immediate suggestion was Charlize Theron. It probably depends on how good or awful Aeon Flux turns out to be, but I think she'd definitely have potential...
I have always thought way before Joss got into the act of making a Wonder Woman movie that Faith (Eliza Dushku) would make a great Wonder Woman

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