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March 20 2005

Look into underappreciated cinema, Atlantis:The Lost Empire. Reviewer visits a movie he thought was overlooked and one of the reasons he liked it was the Joss touch. "I think the fact that Joss Whedon (a writer known for his snappy dialogue) contributed to the script is a major plus, because its full of quirky humour."

That's on next Saturday at 6.32 (yes, the 2 is what the TV guide says?!) on channel 7 (in Australia). Guess I'll have to watch it now - see if I can spot the Joss-lines!

ETA: I have also seen Titans A.E. in the shops for about AUS$15 - is it worth getting?

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I didn't know he "treated" the script, you learn something new every day. I'll add it to that my online DVD rental account and check it out.
I don't remember the dialogue. I was just too put off by the plot and structure of it all. For example, how the hell did they get those helicopters down to the bottom of the ocean?!?!
Titan A.E rocks! And I think you can get it for prolly cheaper than that in some of the bigger chains. I'm from Oz too.
Huh. I always thought the movie was pretty underrated because at least it was sorta funny in parts (plus, it was pretty). And I didn't know, until a few days ago, that Joss had anything to do with the script. And now something about it is posted here. What a strange and unlikely turn of events.

And, completely off the topic of Joss, but if you want to see one of the most underrated Disney movies ever, watch The Emperor's New Groove. Awful title. Funny movie.
I liked this movie. Especially the dyanmite guy.
"BOOM! No more chinese laundry."
Personally, I liked it better when it was called 'Nadia and the Secret of Blue Water'.

Nadia vs. Atlantis

So I'm hoping that Joss only helped out on the dialogue and didn't assist with the plot, because for those of us who have seen this Japanese TV series, it's definitely 'borrowing' heavily from that series. Which wouldn't be bad if they had admitted to it, but Disney's stance was "Nadia? Never heard of it"
Didn`t he say somewhere that he just wrote the treatment and then had nothing to do with the film anymore? So i doubt he really had anything to do with the dialogue then.
Eeek. Never knew about Nadia, that's pretty awful. Yea and a treatment has no dialogue and with the story and characters already being written, he would have just been putting the scenes together.
I had to return to this thread because I just watched the movie. Joss is all over this - there is a joke about cilantro, there are witty quips in combat and there is very Joss-y social commentary ("Mercenary? I prefer the term adventure capitalist!).

RavenU - Thanks again for the link!

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