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March 21 2005

Michelle Trachtenberg: Rising Star. The AOL Moviefone site recently selected Michelle as a featured up-and-coming actress and posted a video interview/retrospective regarding her career. The streaming clip looks back at her past projects, as well as forwards towards her future plans, and includes commentary from Michelle, herself.

Mysterious Skin looks potentially interesting...I will never see Ice Princess or the teeners flicks like Eurotrip or whatever it was called...but I might check out Mysterious Skin. Good for her that she's not limiting herself to youth genre pics.
It looks like Mysterious Skin is getting a general release after doing Sundance and the like looking for a buyer. I think the subject matter put many off but from what I hear it should be worth the wait, if you like serious movies.

She mentions she is producing a movie, but no details yet.

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