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March 21 2005

'Ice Princess' dives in at Lifetime Trachtenberg set for 'Pier'. "Ice Princess" Michelle Trachtenberg is gliding to Lifetime. She has signed to topline cabler's original movie "The Dive From Clausen's Pier," based on the bestselling novel by Ann Packer. "Dive" reps Trachtenberg's first adult role -- a marked departure from previous projects "Eurotrip" and "Buffy" (reg req).

For those who want some insight into what this story is about, here's a brief overview of the novel the movie will be based on.

"In The Dive from Clausen's Pier, Carrie Bell finds herself stuck in a relationship going nowhere when her fiancé dives headfirst into shallow water rendering himself a quadriplegic. Carrie is torn between her loyalty to him and striking out on her own. She decides to leave for New York City, but finds herself haunted by her past and the decision she has made. Should she stay and pursue her future or return home and accept the predictable life offered there? Ann Packer's debut novel has spent a long time on bestseller lists as it deftly deals with the question of where the line between duty ends and self-pursuit begins."

As far as source material goes, the book itself is rather critically acclaimed. A sampling of short reviews are located at this link. And the book itself is decribed as "elegantly written and ferociously paced, emotionally nuanced and morally complex".

So hopefully the movie will successfully build off of the foundation laid by the book. Sounds like an interesting role for Michelle to play :)
Sounds like another challenging choice from MT. I think she's doing the "Safe Movie, then Art movie, then Safe movie" etc thing, which should do her career well. I said it a couple of weeks ago somewhere, if Hilary Swank can start out in the Buffyverse and get two Oscars then I really believe Michelle is more than capable of following.
"...first adult role -- a marked departure from previous projects "Eurotrip" and "Buffy"."

Am I the only one somewhat insulted by that phrase?
zeitgeist: Hopefully it was just an awkward turn of phrase by the Variety article :)

i.e., when the article says this is Michelle's first 'adult role' I don't necessarily think that's meant as an insult to the maturity or intelligence of the Buffy audience. Instead, when it says this is Michelle's first 'adult role' I think it might simply be saying that is the first project where Michelle is playing an adult.

i.e., in Eurotrip, and in Buffy, Michelle's character was a kid and/or teenager, where as in this movie she's quite likely playing a 23 year-old. So in that sense, the article is right that this is indeed her first 'adult role' - i.e., it's the first time she's playing a character that's over the age of 18. And for an actress that's always played kids or teenagers, that is indeed somewhat of a 'marked departure'.

Or at least that was my interpretation of the article's phrasing :)
Yes, i feel like you, zeitgeist ¬¬

Michelle is carrying a great career.

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